Perbedaan Globodox Standard dan Suite

 = built-in   = optional module
Create multiple databases
Create MS Access based databases
Create MS SQL Server based databases 
Create MySQL based databases
Windows Active Directory Integration   New!
Auto log-in on Startup option
Last logged-in username remembered
Remember Password option
Add folders from disk
Add existing files from disk
FTP Based File Stores
Drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer
Batch addition of existing files (find and add files)
Scan documents
Save scanned documents as multi-page TIFF files
Save scanned documents as PDF files
Add pages to existing Tiff and PDF documents
OCR scanned documents
Background OCR/Text Extraction   New!
OCR documents containing text in a different language
Zone Map
Batch scanning
Support for TWAIN compatible scanners
Support for scanners with an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) attachment
Quick search
Customize Quick Search
Advanced search
Saved Searches
Parameterized Saved Search
Document Full Text Search (see FAQ)
Thumbnail View / List View 
Horizontal / Vertical Layout
Built-in MS Word and MS Excel Viewer   New!
View password protected MS Word (.docx) and MS Excel (.xlsx) files    New!
Import data from text files
Export data to a text file and other formats
Destination Profiles Manager
Create Folders and Sub-Folders 
Clone Folders
Attach Tags to documents 
Create Document Types for documents
Drag & drop documents from Globodox to Windows Explorer
Export Folder Structure
Search Folders and Tags
Folder Monitor
Add Annotations
Add Redact
Add Stamps
Create Notes
Deskew tool, Despeckle tool, Eraser
Link documents
Fax documents
Email documents
POP 3 Email Capture
Store email attachments as separate documents in Globodox   New!
Automatic linking of attachments to their respective email for faster access   New!
Identify Unread Messages   New!
Basic Image manipulation tools
Create Users
Store documents in removable storage devices
Create saved Profiles for scanning, export, import etc. 
Event auditing (Log information about user actions)
Document check-in/checkout
Draft Mode (draft check-in of documents)   New!
Document encryption
Document versioning
Create Stacks
Link documents and stacks
Hierarchical Security Groups   New!
Support for Globodox* Modules
Security framework to control access to databases, fields, records and documents
Security Labels
Share Documents
Assign Documents
Restrict documents
Control Printing and Distribution 
Control editing or modification
Barcode detection
Inactivity time out option
Command Line Options
Built-in Usage Reports
Workflow / Routing
Web Client in addition to the Desktop Client