Sisense berkolaborasi dengan Splunk

Sisense 5.5 introduces scalable, self-service business intelligence with features that focus on the needs of enterprise businesses searching for more flexibility. With stronger security capabilities and new features that make self-service BI extremely scalable, Sisense 5.5 provides user management that is quick, easy and enhances company-wide collaboration. These features make it possible to support even larger deployments, and are a major step toward Sisense becoming the standard for self-service business intelligence software.


Enhanced Security Administration

Administration Features Improve Security, Ease of Access, and Teamwork

Use our new, intuitive visual environment to set access rights to data, and quickly associate access restrictions based on group membership or to individual users. Admins can now assign sharing rights, access, and security on a group level, supporting teamwork within Sisense. Connect existing groups within an Active Directory to quickly deploy security and sharing properties by leveraging existing security credentials. Manage access settings to cubes from a single console for maximum ease and flexibility.
  • Setup access rules and restrictions based on groups or for individual users.
  • Scale to many rules and users easily.
  • Use a single environment to manage user settings and security.
  • Connect an Active Directory to synchronize existing groups, roles, definitions, and connect a large number of users.
Enhanced Security Data Security
Row Level Security: Create new security rule.


Easy Collaboration with Centralized Administration

Bring Decision Makers Together with Flexible User Management & Better Visibility

Group users together to easily share dashboards and speed up working with large teams. Grant users full admin rights to manage other users, data sources, and security settings to diversify responsibility for a deployment and support business continuity.
  • Reduce time to setup access and security with group based sharing.
  • Accelerate deployment and management by creating additional admin users.
  • Connect user groups from Active Directory to leverage existing settings.
Easy Collaboration Add User Group
User Groups: Add users to new group.


Advanced Analysis & Visualization

Dependent Filters and UI Improvements

Dependent Filters is a powerful new feature that enables a selection in one filter to effect what data is shown in an interconnected filter, greatly accelerating the ability to work with related data and filter to the correct view. User interface improvements include: one click access to format, delete and edit settings, a formula editor that supports copy and paste, and dashboard development tweaks such as the ability to export a widget data to csv, quick access icons on filters, and automatic scrolling.
  • Create logical connections between different dashboard filters to quickly analyze data.
  • Copy and paste complex formula logic.
  • Enable all users to filter and extract data via csv.


Branding & Integration Capabilities

Strengthen Your Company Brand with White Label Capabilities and Integrated Security

Get complete control to brand Sisense to match any criteria, from dashboards to system emails, with white labeling capabilities for: login, logos, system emails and activation screen. Extend Sisense security offering by leveraging our Security API to integrate and automate restrictions and access control based on existing settings and standards.
  • Stronger integration with white label capabilities.
  • Reduce overhead by automating security and user management settings.
  • Leverage existing organizational infrastructure and rules to integrate with Sisense.

Connect Data Sources with the Ultimate Ease

Effortless Data Joining with Native Connectivity to Splunk and Fast Data Importing

Sisense now offers a native provider to connect to Splunk, a popular platform that captures machine-generated data. Find relevant data quickly even in large data sources with new ‘search’ in Add Table Wizard that enables users to locate specific tables to import by filtering based on search criteria. The new Turbo CSV Provider gives users an enhanced ability to import large volumes of data via csv, one of the most common data sources, at three times the speed.
  • Broader support for common data formats and quick connection to Splunk.
  • Intuitive way to filter and locate relevant tables.
  • Save time when importing CSV data.

Improved Usability on Mobile

Seamless Mobile Experience for Insights On the Go

View pivots on all mobile devices to enhance user’s ability to access dashboards easily on the go.
  • Important dashboard visualization extended to mobile devices.
  • Access relevant data from anywhere.