WebNMS Automates End-to-End, Multi-Vendor Network Services with Newly Released Symphony Orchestration Platform

WebNMS Automates End-to-End, Multi-Vendor Network Services with Newly Released Symphony Orchestration Platform

The Industry’s First Orchestration Platform That Combines Workflow Automation with Unified Network Management and Service Assurance for Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, SDN and NFV Networks
PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--WebNMS, a leading provider of network management and IoT solutions, today announced the launch of the Symphony Orchestration Platform, a unified software suite for automation of service provider network operations. Symphony enables carriers and other service providers to efficiently transform existing static service offerings into dynamic services and introduce new SDN and NFV-based services as they mature.
“With Symphony, we are building on our scalable and reliable WebNMS Framework — allowing our customers to efficiently describe and automate their unique workflows with simple and familiar tools and APIs.”
To meet the growing demand for dynamic network services, providers need solutions to transform their existing network and service management processes into orchestration systems that automate existing operations and rapidly incorporate new, on-demand services as the market evolves. Until now, service provider network management silos have inhibited effective orchestration. Therefore, unified network management is a prerequisite to workflow automation. But to realize the efficiency benefits of orchestration, providers also need a flexible, customizable framework to capture their unique workflows as automated business logic.
An industry first, Symphony solves both problems by combining unified network management with a workflow automation framework for dynamic service processing, provisioning and assurance across multi-vendor networks. The resulting orchestration solution enables automation of multiple existing services, such as Carrier Ethernet and MPLS, and integration of emerging services based on SDN and NFV.
Symphony eliminates operational silos by unifying all management functions across end-to-end, multi-vendor and multi-layer networks. Based on the industry-leading WebNMS Framework, the unified Symphony Orchestration Platform enables efficient, automated provisioning of multiple existing services. The initial release includes Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet and MPLS service solutions, and WebNMS plans to extend its solution library for other well-defined provider services. Symphony also includes a library of management protocols and multi-vendor equipment adapters to simplify integration with existing OSS/BSS systems and network equipment. REST APIs enable integration with SDN controllers and cloud orchestration applications for emerging SDN and NFV services. This unified network provisioning solution enables the second key component to orchestration — workflow automation.
As part of Symphony, WebNMS has introduced the Composer Workflow Framework that gives providers the capabilities to capture, design and automate unique workflows to orchestrate network operations. Composer helps operators free themselves from routine administrative tasks, including accelerating service fulfillment, assurance and maintenance through automation.
“WebNMS service provider customers need practical solutions that centralize operational control of multi-vendor, multi-layer networks,” said Prabhu Ramachandran, director of WebNMS. “With Symphony, we are building on our scalable and reliable WebNMS Framework — allowing our customers to efficiently describe and automate their unique workflows with simple and familiar tools and APIs.”
Symphony also integrates powerful visualization and big data analytics tools. The visualization tools enable providers to create workflow and network monitoring dashboards, 3D navigation troubleshooting views as well as service-aware customer portals with real-time performance monitoring and on-demand service requests. With an integrated Hadoop framework option, Symphony enables analytic workflow creation directly in the Composer framework. In this manner, network operators can extract valuable information from real-time workflow, service and network data to help optimize their businesses.
WebNMS is also integrating Symphony with solutions from key ecosystem partners, including network element, test equipment, OSS/BSS and SDN controller vendors. With Symphony, WebNMS extends its 15 years of solution leadership for over 400 service provider and system vendor customers.
Symphony Provider Orchestration Platform Key Features
  • Composer Workflow Framework automates network operations.
  • Unified network management architecture eliminates silos for end-to-end provisioning of existing SDN and NFV services.
    • Multi-vendor architecture provides independent solution with standards-based, extensible information modeling for open, third-party integration.
    • Integration with multi-layer element management system (EMS) reliably administers a wide range of both transport and packet network elements.
  • Turn-key solution library for standardized Carrier Ethernet (MEF) and MPLS network services, including automated service assurance per customer SLA.
  • Open, cloud-ready interfaces including RESTful APIs.
  • Intuitive portals give critical insight for network operations, help desk and customers.
  • Integrated big data repository option and integrated analytic workflow automation.
The WebNMS Symphony Orchestration Platform is available immediately for businesses. For more information and to request a demo, visithttp://www.webnms.com/webnms/symphony-orchestration-platform.html.
For more information about WebNMS, please visit http://www.webnms.com.
About WebNMS
WebNMS, the telecom software division of Zoho Corporation, specializes in platforms for network management, element management, service orchestration and workflow orchestration. WebNMS builds these solutions on flexible, extensible frameworks for network service providers, managed service providers and network solution vendors. With more than 25,000 deployments across the globe, the flagship WebNMS Framework is the most preferred and reliable multi-vendor management solution in the market today. For more information about WebNMS, please visithttp://www.webnms.com.
WebNMS is a trademark of Zoho Corporation. All other brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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