Mengirimkan PRTG Alert via Twitter

Want to keep the users of your network informed about known problems to avoid getting hundreds of calls or tickets which all ask you about the same issue that you are already working on? How about using Twitter to publish certain notifications from PRTG? In order to avoid user interaction for each post, you can use a registered (authorized) application which is allowed to post tweets by its own without user interaction. PTF.Tweet is such an application. With PTF.Tweet you can do both: post tweets as well as send direct messages
The only thing you need to do is to download PTF.Tweet to your local machine and connect it with your Twitter account.
To do this, copy Tweet.exe to the \Notifications\exe folder of your PRTG installation. Next, open a command line window and start Tweet.exe with the –r parameter (from the \Notifications\exe folder) to register PTF Tweet with your Twitter account (please run the command line tool with administrator rights, because PTF.Tweet wants to store an .ini-file)
Next, you need to add a new notification in your PRTG account settings and use Tweet.exe as an “Execute Program” notification. So you need to select “Add Notification”, give it a name (e.g. “Twitter”), select the checkbox “Execute Program”, and select Tweet.exe as the program file.
It’s possible to use the following parameters:
  • -a=   The Twitter account name.
  • -t=    The tweet to post.
  • -d     Switch to send a direct message instead of posting a tweet.
So a parameter line could look like this:
-a=twitteraccount -t=%device %name %status %down (%message)
It’s also possible to add your own custom message or other placeholders here, just in case you would like to have your individual messages sent.
As a last step you need to add a new trigger and define Twitter as a notification. For this step please select the Notifications tab of one of your sensors and add a new “State Trigger”, for example.
As a notification, simply select your freshly created Twitter notification. That’s it. Once your object trigger reacts on your selected conditions, for example, if this sensor enters a down status, a tweet will be sent out!
It’s of course up to you to decide whether you want to publish your monitoring data or not. For example, @prtg_rayonnance decided to just do it. In that case there are not too many followers, but if you are a company which is heavily working with twitter, you could inform your staff about how your network is doing. And if you don’t want to publicize your network status information, you can of course also set your monitoring twitter account to private.
If you have other customized notifications, please don’t hesitate to let us know!
Please note that PTF.Tweet is a 3rd party tool. Paessler can’t provide any support for it. You’re using it at your own responsibility.