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Bagaimana membangun data center ?

Dibalik Server Density, ada Fusioncharts.

Behind the scenes of Server Density’s dashboard design: In conversation with David MyttonShilpiFebruary 3, 2014Showcase Behind the scenes of dashboard design is a series of interviews with Product Managers, Developers and Designers of software products with kick-ass information dashboards to help you get an insider’s view into their making. This is the third part of the series. Imagine a typical day in a system admin’s life. He has to keep a continuous check on the server load so that the site remains functional at its optimum speed. Now what if you have multiple websites or you are hosted on multiple cloud servers? What does he do when he faces some performance issue on any of his websites or servers? Frantically click one cloud status page after another to check where exactly the issue lies. Well, Server Density tries to simplify his life a bit. By syncing with major cloud providers, it provides the user a single console to monitor his websites and servers. It monitors websites from…

Fitur baru PRTG : Ticket System

A New Feature Was Assigned to You in PRTG: Ticket System Keeps Track of Network Monitoring Issues Another new feature for PRTG Network Monitor has arrived! Monitoring your IT infrastructure and taking care of potential issues is even more comprehensible now: The new ticket system lets you and your colleagues from the administration team keep track of all network related issues which PRTG detects. You can use it to document related resolution steps and important system information.
Basically, the ticket system as implemented in PRTG manages and maintains lists of current issues regarding a defined application scenario. One element in this system is a ticket which reports about a particular problem, the status of it, information about the steps which were conducted to resolve it, and the involved person(s) who took care of the issue. You might be familiar with such systems from working with them in your support center or utilizing them as a bug tracking system. Such a ticket system per…

Automation, yang akan dicari IT sektor Publik

PUBLIC SECTOR IT SURVEY: GO FORTH AND AUTOMATE!Posted by chris.lapointJan 29, 2014 Most IT pros face a number of challenges managing and modernizing their IT infrastructures – budgets, bandwidth, and bosses often hinder progress – and IT pros in government often face these challenges at an even more exaggerated level. However, SolarWinds has noticed that many public sector IT pros are addressing these challenges by automating technologies in their IT infrastructure. We set out to learn how the automation is going so far. In our recent survey of 162 IT pros from federal and state/local government, we learned the importance of automating technology and the restrictions and red tape that often get in the way of that progress.
Where are federal IT pros in the automation process? Some have yet to automate anything, but most are somewhere in the process of evaluating technologies, implementing them, or have already completed implementation. In fact, more than two-thirds of survey…