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ServiceDesk Plus Standard Edition sekarang FREE

Selamat mencoba software nya, ada kendala kontak kami segera.. Di 021 29622097

ManageEngine Slashes IT Help Desk Expenses for 60,000+ CompaniesServiceDesk Plus Standard Edition Is Now Free, No Restrictions SMBs and enterprises with tight budgets can use a fully-functional IT help desk running in the cloud or on premisePromotes an organized approach to IT service management and evangelizes the benefits of ITIL processes internallyView the online demo of ServiceDesk Plus at, Calif. - March 5, 2014 - ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced that the standard edition of its flagship IT help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus, is now available for free - with no restrictions, regardless of whether software runs in the cloud or on premise. Previously, ServiceDesk Plus Standard Edition was free for up to five technicians/agents. The move slashes IT help desk expenses for the 60,000+ companies that have already implemented ServiceDesk Plus Sta…

Tips untuk menulis Audit Report yang lebih baik, gunakan ITAF

Tips for Writing Better Audit Reports
By Lisa R. Young, CISA, CISM Effectively communicating audit results requires clear and unambiguous language, evidentiary-based support, and knowledge of the audience that will receive the report. An audit report is designed to provide information, persuade the readers to take action, and convince management to change or improve something. How we say things makes a difference. A well-written audit report is a call to action, whereas a poorly written report can result in erroneous action or no action at all. The ISACAInformation Technology Assurance Framework™ (ITAF™) standards have recently undergone revision. The associated guidelines are also pending revision and will be released in 2014. ITAF, 2nd Edition provides explicit guidance on reporting audit results in standard 1401, Reporting. Standard statement 1401.1 states that IS audit and assurance professionals shall provide a report to communicate the results upon completion of the engagement i…

Mengapa perusahaan perlu helpdesk atau customer support ?

Mengapa perusahaan perlu helpdesk atau customer support ?

Banyak perusahaan Indonesia sekarang merasakan pentingnya untuk memiliki helpdesk (internal) dan customer support (external). Berikut alasannya.

Service Desk & Customer Support The Window into IT ServicesThe Service Desk is the window into IT Services. When things go wrong on the Service Desk, the organisation’s perception of value to the business that the IT department delivers can suffer and, more importantly, the reputation of the people managing IT Services will also suffer.
Ask any experienced consultant and they will tell you that the typical starting point for any improvement initiative based on IT Service Management best practice is at the Service Desk, and the Incident Management process which guides its activities.
The simple reason behind this is the fact that IT Support is a core, and most visible element of IT Service Delivery. Most organisations have a function in place to ‘fix’ things with some level of maturi…

Apakah ITSM itu ?

IT Service Management Most organisations today are completely dependent on IT to enable them to achieve their company vision, business strategy and goals.
Organisations use IT to:
Revolutionise the way they operate, communicate and do businessDevelop and innovate, gain market advantage and differentiate themselves to their end customersDrive increased productivity and efficiency, improve business processes, make cost savings, and increase sales and growthCommunicate with a larger, more global marketplace. The quality of an organisation’s IT Services is reflected in its reputation and brand, and has direct impact upon sales, revenue, reputation and share value. Consider the high profile IT outages suffered by the UK banks in recent years! The cost of IT is never insignificant – it is therefore essential to get good value from IT investments, but often this value is not realised. For an IT investment to provide benefit, the resulting IT service must be well planned, well designed, well …

Apakah menjadi ITIL Expert berharga ?

Semalam habis duduk bareng dengan salah satu ITIL Expert, dalam diskusi singkat itu, maka semakin nyata mengapa dan sangat berharganya menjadi ITIL Expert, khususnya untuk perusahaan.

Is getting to ITIL Expert level worth it? Gepost door: tom123 01-02-2013 Is getting to ITIL Expert level worth it?
and why do 90% of people taking ITIL Foundation level training go no further?
ITIL® (the IT Infrastructure Library) and its associated certifications have been around since the 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of IT professionals have benefitted from the training and ITIL certifications, but has the certification and training brought similar benefits to the organisations typically sponsoring these programs?
In a recent survey[1] (source: ‘The benefits of investing in ITIL Expert Certification, ITpreneurs 2010,’) the following statistics were uncovered:
79% of people who had reached ITIL Expert level indicated that training and certification helped them to develop t…

Update seputar ADManager & ADSelfService

ADManager Plus will soon add ‘logon hours configuration’ option in user templates for more control over user accounts
The next release of ADManager Plus will feature enhanced user provisioning and re-provisioning templates with the option to configure user’s logon hours. This allows you to specify the desired logon hours for a new user, right when you create the account and use the single user modification feature to also set/modify the logon hours for any existing user.

ADSelfService Plus to expand the scope of auto-enrollment

In the upcoming release of ADSelfService Plus, admins will be able to auto-enroll users for password self-service by importing their mobile numbers and email addresses in addition to Security Q&As via a CSV file or from an external data source. Options to customize the flow of Identity Verification process, and to use secondary email address and mobile number of a user for password expiry notification, reset password/unlock account, etc., are al…

ServiceDesk Standard Edition Free - both on-premise & on-demand

ServiceDesk Standard Edition Free - both on-premise & on-demand
As you are aware we decided to disrupt the lower end market by making the "ServiceDesk Standard Edition Free - both on-premise & on-demand" and get more users to start using ServiceDesk Plus. Earlier, Standard Edition of ServiceDesk Plus was free for 5 technicians. Moving forward it will be completely free with no restrictions on technicians, tickets or users. We are currently targeting the first week of March 2014 for the Big Announcement!