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Penghentian Penjualan Produk finosSQM

Bersama ini, kami informasikan bahwa per April 2014, kami menghentikan penjualan produk finosSQM dan relatednya.

Untuk PO yang telah masuk, masih bisa diusahakan menggunakan software yang telah ada.

Tapi untuk dukungan teknis dan permasalahannya kami akan coba support hingga 12 bulan kedepan.

Kami sekarang sedang berbenah dan mencari solusi untuk produk ini, dan kami rasa menghentikan penjualannya utk sementara waktu ini adalah solusi terbaik kami.

Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih,


5 hal dalam menentukan SaaS atau on-premise.

Adoption of software as a service (SaaS) is accelerating and many organizations are realizing the transformative benefits. A recent IBM study highlighted how leading organizations (Pacesetters) are leveraging SaaS deployments to unlock benefits such as reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), increased enterprise collaboration and enhanced market agility.
Enterprise software vendors are realizing that deployment choice is a key consideration for prospects and often are offering both cloud and on-premises versions of their software suites. When faced with the choice of cloud-based or on-premises software deployments, many purchasing organizations continue to struggle with this decision.
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While there are many considerations when choosing to deploy through SaaS or on-premises, the following five points often resonate with clients and help guide their decision:
1. Focus = Success: Cloud deployments allow project teams to focus less on…

Pertarungan antara Desktop vs Mobile Devices

Desktops vs. Mobile Devices: The Battle for the FutureApr 03POSTED BY | Desktop Central IT consumerization is all the rage. Growing numbers of tech-savvy employees are bringing their smart gadgets and apps to work, driving trends from BYOD and BYOA to BYOx. While the mobile grass looks greener, we at ManageEngine wanted to better understand our customers’ views on desktop computer usage and their views on mobile device and desktop compatibility. To that end, we conducted a global survey of IT admins to understand how IT teams are responding to the challenges of managing mobile devices and desktops together. Our survey asked questions about: How IT departments are adapting to IT consumerization trendsWhat level of awareness the typical  IT team has regarding device usage patterns within its organizationWhat their device management software preferences are when it comes to adopting a solution to manage the desktop and mobile devicesAnd more We’ve brought together the survey res…

Arsitektur digital dan IT operating model untuk perusahaan global

Digital Architecture and IT Operating Model Options for Global OrganisationsOverviewMulti-national and global corporations have struggled with achieving the optimum balance between global strategy and local delivery, with organisations establishing different business models depending upon whether they are led by global brands or by local sales and marketing. As organisations move to becoming a Digital Enterprise new tensions and opportunities enter the global – local assessment, in particular:The speed of change and adoption of digital services can vary widely region by region and country by country – driving a local focusThe multi-customer nature of new cloud services means the provision common platforms which can be flexible to local needs is now practical.Digital Transformation for a global organisation needs to take into account the options for the business and IT operating models and the underpinning digital architecture, and match the preferred option to the business drivers of …

Gunakan DC Monitor utk monitoring Active Directory Anda.

DC Monitor Active Directory Domain Controller Monitoring Tool The Domain Controller Monitoring Tool is an essential freeware from ManageEngine ADManager Plus. It is a simple tool which auto discovers the Domains and displays the same. Based on the User's choice of input about the Domain, for which he wants to know the details, the utilization of various parameters like CPU Utilization, Disk Utilization and Memory Utilization can be extracted. Apart from these key parameters, the user can also view the details of other parameters like Page Reads per second, Page Writes per second, File Reads, File Writes, etc, that may be required by the administrator. Using DC Monitor:Click the "DC Monitoring Tool" from the Launcher to start the tool. The Domain associated with the machine(in which the tool is installed) will be auto discovered and displayed.Specify the Username and Password specific to that machine.Click on Select DC button and choose the DCs for which the monitoring n…