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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Menghemat dengan UBUNTU

Berkat Ubuntu Pemkot Pekalongan Hemat Rp 12 M

Angling Adhitya Purbaya - detikinet
Sabtu, 03/05/2014 18:08 WIB Pekalongan HM. Basyir Ahmad (alg/detikINET)

Pekalongan - Pemerintah Kota Pekalongan bisa menghemat alokasi dana APBD untuk aspek IT hingga lebih dari Rp 12 miliar setelah menggunakan sistem Open Source Ubuntu di seluruh jajaran pemerintahannya.

Walikota Pekalongan, HM. Basyir Ahmad mengatakan, di Kota Pekalongan ada sekitar 2.400 unit PC yang digunakan oleh pemerintah, jika semua menggunakan operating system berbayar, maka pengeluaran akan besar hanya untuk IT. Oleh sebab itu sejak tahun 2008 lalu perlahan sistem operasi berbayar diganti dengan Ubuntu yang merupakan open source yang tidak perlu membayar lisensi.

"Penghematan untuk 2.400 komputer. Kalau membeli lisensi saja sudah RP 12 miliar. Belum ngomong beli antivirus, olah kata dan olah foto juga hemat. Penghemtan yang luar biasa di pemerintahan," kata Basyir dalam peluncuran Ubuntu 14.04 LTS di SMKN 3 Pekalongan, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Kota Pekalongan.

"Sejak tahun 2011 semua SKPD sudah memakai," imbuhnya.

Ia berharap akan ada peraturan daerah (perda) yang mengatur soal penggunaan sistem berbasis Ubuntu sehingga meski kepela pemerintahan Pekalongan berganti, maka penghematan untuk aspek IT tetap bisa dilakukan. Digunakannya Ubuntu di jajaran pemerintahan Kota Pekalongan juga merupakan cara "menularkan" penggunaan open source Ubuntu kepada masyarakat.

"Mereka (masyarakat) tertarik kenapa? Karena pemerintah pakai ini. Ini bukan sistem operasi murahan," tandasnya.

Gary Dean selaku CEO Okusi Associates dan Pendiri FUI menambahkan, dalam versi Ubuntu terbaru yaitu Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, semua kekurangan dalam versi sebelumnya sudah diperbaiki. Bahkan menurutnya versi ini bisa menggantikan sistem operasi Windows.

"Kemajuannya cukup penting, ada banyak perbaikan. Ini bisa disebut versi Ubuntu yang paling mungkin bisa menggantikan Windows, meskipun sebenarnya versi sebelumnya sudah cukup bersaing," tandas Gary.


Friday, May 02, 2014


Six Ways MSPs Can Win with Help Desk

Here are six helpful hints to make the help desk experience a positive one for you and your customers:
First impressions are everything in business and in life, and nowhere is this more true than in help desk operations. As the most common point of contact between an MSP and the end customer, the help desk is your ticket to a positive first impression. That’s why winning with help desk means that the people, technologies and practices you have in place need to work fast and get the job done right in order to maximize the customer experience.
Indeed, without the backing of an effective and responsive help desk, an MSP will fail to gain customer confidence and fall far short of proving their value. With that in mind, here are six helpful hints to make the help desk experience a positive one for you and your customers:
1. Strut Your Stuff: Keeping your clients operating at peak performance is the reason that help desk services exist. And whether you’re called upon at critical IT moments or under more routine circumstances, your help desk provides you with an opportunity to shine in the eyes of your customers as you show off your technical acumen. So strut your stuff at every opportunity. If ticketing and resolution processes are streamlined and effective, your clients will like what they see, which means you’re likely to earn more business from them in the future.
2. Need for Speed: With every incident that comes into the help desk, no matter how small, remember that everything is an emergency in your customer’s eyes. If you can resolve problems faster, you minimize the impact on their business. When designing or reviewing your approach to help desk, your top priority should be speed and efficiency. Make sure the tools and approaches that you adopt allow you to get organized in advance, get notified about issues quickly and take action promptly so that you can meet your SLAs.
3. Deliver the Goods: Speed is your top priority, but you also have to deliver the goods. So how do you provide quality support, even with limited time and resources?  The first step is to determine common call drivers up front. If your help desk software provides this type of data, you can identify which issues are recurring and put a game plan in place for addressing them quickly. Also, look at ways to create a permanent fix for the most expensive issues and the most easily addressable problems that you’ve identified. Lastly, continue to educate customers and make them aware of self-service functions such as password reset, access to previous tickets (make sure tickets receive quality documentation to make this a useful strategy), suggested answers, training, videos and customer portals. This can eliminate many calls that can bog down your support for other, more pressing matters.
4. Look at the Numbers: It’s always smart to establish clear goals and areas for improvement with your help desk. Publish these goals and timeframes to keep everyone on the same page. As an MSP, key areas for improvement might include understanding which customers are driving the most tickets and identifying the most common requests and the types of issues that are taking the most time for your team.
5. Ask the Customer How You Did: There’s nothing like qualitative data to get a feeling for how well you are performing as an MSP. With help desk being one of your most critical and visible offerings, consider surveying your end users at the end of each support contact, on a set schedule (yearly, bi-annually, etc.) and by contacting them directly via phone or email. The feedback that you receive can be used to help assess the effectiveness of your technician, your approach to resolution and where you are at with your key performance indicators.
6. Continuous Improvement: At the end of the day, good performance is the result of preparation. Make corrections and prepare now so that you can achieve better and faster IT issue resolution for your customers in the future. Start by being proactive with help desk tickets. If there’s something you can add to a ticket to help the next person who encounters the same or a similar problem in the future, add it into the system. If it’s something more complex, would a knowledge base article or a video tutorial help end users or other technicians solve the issue more quickly? Also, keep an eye on recurring issues or certain issues that plague particular customers. This will allow you reach out with tailored assistance and service offerings. Finally, keep the lines of communication between you and the customer wide open. This can only help your businesses grow together.
Want to learn more about help desk best practices for MSPs? Check out these video andSlideShare resources from N-able, where we’re passionate about guiding our partners through the business, sales and technology factors that make for MSP success.
David Weeks is Channel Strategy Manager for N-able by SolarWinds. Weeks has served N-able and its partners for six years across the IT channel. He works closely with the company's top tier partners and major accounts worldwide to understand their needs, provide insight into current marketing conditions, and to offer strategic sales and marketing recommendations. A regular presenter at N-able’s global and regional summits, Weeks is passionate about ensuring the success of N-able's partner base.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Draytek 2925, Ethernet Router Firewall dan Load-Balancer

Vigor 2925 Series Ethernet Router Firewall & Load-Balancer

The Vigor 2925 series (including the Vigor 2925 and Vigor2925n) is our new dual-Ethernet WAN firewall for load-balancing or failover. It's also a fully featured firewall, VPN concentrator and content filtering device. This latest router series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet built-in wireless LAN (Vigor 2925).

Vigor 2925 front panel sockets

A 5-port Gigabit Ethernet switch on the LAN side provides high speed connectivity for your server, other local PCs or for uplink to a larger Ethernet switch. Comprehensive security features include content filtering, web application controls and an object based firewall management system.

Robust & Comprehensive Firewall

Security is always taken seriously with DrayTek routers. The firewall protects against attacks including DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, IP-based attacks and access by unauthorised remote systems. Wireless, Ethernet and VPN are also protected by various protection systems. The latest ('Version 3') DrayTek object-based firewall allows even more setup flexibility than ever, enabling you to create combinations of users, rules and restrictions to suit multi-departmental organisations. The Vigor 2925 also allows selective direction firewall rules of LAN to WAN, WAN to LAN or LAN to VPN. In addition, QoS (Quality of Service Assurance) can now be selectively applied to specific users.

IPv6 - Next Generation Internet Routing

The Vigor 2925 supports IPv6 - the successor to the current IPv4 addressing system that has been used since the Internet was first created. IPv4 address space is full up and IPv6 allows for much more efficient routing and a larger address space. IPv6 is supported both from your own ISP, but if your ISP does not (yet) support IPv6, the Vigor 2925 also supports IPv6 broker/tunnel services to provide IPv6 accss using either TSPC or AICCU via 3rd party IPv6 providers. To learn all about IPv6, you can get our detailed guide to IPv6 here.

IPv6 on the Vigor2925 and Vigor2925n provides the following features:
IPv6 support on the DrayTek Vigor 2925
    • Operation on any one of the WAN ports (ADSL/VDSL, Ethernet or 3G)
    • Connectivity to direct native IPv6 ISPs
    • Built-in tunneling to 3rd party IPv6 brokers
      suppporting TSPC or AICCU methods
    • Default stateful firewall for all IPv6 LAN Clients/Devices
    • DHCPv6 Client or Static IPv6 Client
    • DHCPv6 & RADVD for client configuration
    • IP Filtering Rules
    • QoS for IPv6 with DiffServ
    • Router Management over IPv6 (Telnet/HTTP) with IPv6 Access List
    • Simultaneous (concurrent) operation with IPv4 ("Dual-Stack")
    • Other router features are available on IPv4 only currently

Web Content Filtering

GlobalView Categories
The content control features of the Vigor 2925 allows you to set restrictions on web site access, blocking download of certain file or data types, blocking specific web sites with whitelists or blacklists, blocking IM/P2P applications or other potentially harmful or wasteful content. Restrictions can be per user, per PC or univeral. Using DrayTek's GlobalView service, you can block whole categories of web sites (e.g. gambling, adult sites etc.), subject to an annual subscription to the Globalview service, which is continuously updated with new or changed site categorisations or sites which have become compromised (such as infected with Malware). A free 30-day trial is included with your new router.

WAN Load Balancing & Backup

The Vigor 2925 features WAN connectivity via its two WAN Ethernet ports and two USB ports for connection of a compatible 3G or 4G modem. The ethernet ports can connect to DSL modems (e.g. Vigor 120), a cable modem or any other Ethernet-based Internet feed. The multiple WAN interfaces can be used either for WAN-Backup or load balancing. Load-balancing or failover supports IPv4 only currently (not IPv6).

WAN-Backup provides contingency (redunancy) in case of your primary ADSL line or ISP suffering temporary outage). Internet Traffic will be temporarily routed via the secondary Internet access. When normal services is restored to your primary ADSL line, all traffic is switched back to that.

Vigor 2925 Load Balancing with two Internet connections
The Vigor 2925 makes use of two simultaneous WAN connections

The USB port provides Internet connectivity (main, backup or load balanced) by connecting to a compatible USB modem (or cellphone) for access to the high speed 3G cellular networks from UK providers such as Vodafone, O2, 3 and EE. If you don't have ADSL at all, the USB/3G access method can be used as your primary/only Internet connection, ideal for temporary locations, mobile applications or where broadband access is not available. In addition you can instead connect a compatible analogue modem to use analogue dial-up connections for failover in the event of your broadband failing.

IT360 versi 10

Smarter IT Management
It has been 3 years since we first launched IT360. Today, after several releases and over 200 global enterprise-level installations, we announce the most-equipped yet simplified version of IT360; The IT360 10 in a whole new avatar.
As always, several of the enhancements came as feedback from our valuable customers, who have been our partners in continuously improving the product since its inception. We began working on version 10 with a vision to provide to our users a completely new experience in managing their complex IT infrastructure in the simplest possible way.

Here is a list of 10 features to watch out for in version 10

  • Unified Discovery

  • Enterprise Search

  • Project Management

  • Faster Response

  • Application Insight

  • Switch port Mapper

  • Topology Maps

  • Admin workflow

  • Enhanced Interface

  • Configurable Dashboards

Unified Discovery

All new discovery engine

We have moved away from the traditional user interface of the monitoring.. The new IT360’s GUI is designed in a way to move the clutter away from dashboard enabling users to see the information that is important. Based on research and feedback, we have moved modules that are critical to a business to more visible and accessible positions. An attempt has also been made to reduce the number of steps required to complete a task thus reducing operational time.
We released the beta version of the product back in April, 2013. Since then we have been giving product demonstrations to our customers to get their opinions. Mr. Jason Beckett who is an enterprise system administrator at Prime Healthcare Services, USA, says "We have a huge infrastructure that is spread across several locations. Being able to capture all of our systems automatically rather than relying on an import of a .CSV file will greatly ease the administrative overhead. Our company is growing through acquisitions, so the auto-discovery feature will greatly streamline the process of adding all of the devices from the new companies we are adding."
Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

IT360 10 will feature an industry first-attempt to mine the little data present in various RDBMSs of an enterprise. Launched as a beta version a few months ago, the enterprise search can search for a keyword in multiple databases belonging to various applications including IT360’s service-desk module, documents and third-party applications like Solarwinds’ SAM and BMC’s TrackIT.
A survey involving over 300 enterprises revealed that over 80% of enterprises that use multiple IT-management tools see value in using the enterprise search and look forward to using it to search for information across those tools.
The enterprise-search in IT360 features a Google-like interface that enables users to simply click and view results without requiring to program SQL queries or understand database schemas. IT360 even allows users to choose how those results are displayed and provides links to actionable search results.
Project Management

Track IT projects better via
Project Management

Several IT projects run in parallel and are either tracked using a separate project-management tool or are organized for easy accessibility and understanding. The new version comes with an integrated project- management module. All projects can be initiated and tracked efficiently using the monitoring solution itself.
faster response

Tuned for a faster response rate

Dealing with infrastructure and scalability at an enterprise-level, can delay the operational responsiveness of monitoring solutions. The code in the new version of IT360 has been reworked to fine-tune the product to avoid sluggishness during peak-operational hours. The probe-central server-communication medium has also been improved for faster reporting and collection of data from various sites.
APDEX score

End-User is the King:
Ensure user satisfaction with APDEX score

IT360 always had a user-experience management module to collect various metrics to track and improve business-critical applications. The new version of IT360 goes one step further to track the satisfaction-level of users using the Application Performance Index (APDEX) score. With this feature administrators and managers can effectively track the transaction tracing of applications that run on Java, .NET and Ruby of Rails.
Switch Port Mapping

Switch port mapping & IP Address management (IPAM)
to keep the spreadsheets away from Datacenters

Most datacenter administrators still rely on Microsoft Excel sheets to keep a note of switch ports and corresponding devices. This increases the dependency on the sheet and makes it prone to human error. IT360 can discover devices plugged into each port of a specified switch and map their availability from the unified dashboard
One of the other new features of this version is IP-address management. Product can periodically scan a subnet and provide the availability status of IP addresses in that specific subnet. This results in efficient time-management and reduction in errors.
Topology Maps

Automated Network Topology maps

As an organization expands its business its IT infrastructure grows as well. I It becomes extremely difficult to track network devices that are spread across various locations and memorize the interdependencies between them. IT360 10 makes this easy by automating the topology-mapping mechanism. Now, administrators and IT managers can view interconnected network devices on a map which is populated automatically based on the relations that are provided.
Admin Workflow

Enhancing the Do-it-yourself (DIY) 
approach for Administering IT360

The new IT360 comes with an enhanced admin-workflow and configuration wizard. Guidelines have been added at every step of the configuration. This reduces the dependency of customers on technical support and increases the overall working efficiency of the team
Better Visual Experience

Designed for better Visual experience

We have moved away from the traditional user interface of the monitoring.. The new IT360’s GUI is designed in a way to move the clutter away from dashboard enabling users to see the information that is important. Based on research and feedback, we have moved modules that are critical to a business to more visible and accessible positions. An attempt has also been made to reduce the number of steps required to complete a task thus reducing operational time.
Configurable Devices

Configuring devices made easy

Apart from extensive reporting and configurable dashboards, the new version of IT360 also comes with threshold templates. Most of these templates are designed based on vendor and customer experience. These predefined templates allow IT teams to proactively monitor IT devices that run business-critical services.

Nagios IX 2014 Beta sudah direlease


As one of our respected customers, we value your feedback when we develop new products and solutions. That's why we're providing you with exclusive access to our Nagios XI 2014 BETA. We want to hear your feedback so that we can continue to provide you with the best monitoring solutions available.
Major changes have been made to Nagios XI in the 2014 release including:
  • Radical Performance Enhancements 
  • A Redesigned Web-Interface
  • Additional Configuration Wizards
  • In-depth Visualizations 
  • Advanced Reporting Improvements 
  • And much, much more...
Download Nagios XI 2014 BETA

We have made a lot of improvements to Nagios XI with the 2014 release. To stay on the leading edge of industry technology, join us October 13th-16th at Nagios World Conference 2014 to see new feature enhancements, as well as new products released by the Nagios Team

Monday, April 28, 2014

5 kesalahan Customer Service Bagi UKM / SME.

Great customer service is an important element of any successful business. But for small businesses, it’s absolutely critical.
5 Common Small Business Customer Service Fails image smb mistakes
Large companies have many resources at their disposal to build an image and make sales, including dedicated marketing teams, branding consultants, and large advertising budgets. But small businesses rely on repeat customers, word of mouth, and referrals for the bulk of their revenue.
Many small business owners don’t even realize that they’re providing inadequate customer service. Not only does this hurt their bottom line, but it also puts the future of their business in jeopardy.
Here are five common mistakes to avoid:

Being Hard to Contact

Great customer service starts with being available. How can a customer get in touch if it’s hard to find your contact information? Locating your email address and phone number should be an effortless process.
A contact form is another great resource for allowing customers to reach out, ask questions, and provide feedback. The more options you include, the easier it’ll be for a customer to contact your business.

Slow Response Time

Every customer deserves a response. If you’re ignoring customers, that’s a huge problem that needs fixed immediately. Every customer also deserves a quick response. No one should have to wait around for weeks while your business answers their question or solves their problem.
Most small business owners don’t have the time to efficiently respond to every customer. That’s fine. There are many options available for streamlining the process, such as delegating email follow-up or implementing an automated help desk system.

Not Properly Utilizing the Telephone

Don’t underestimate the importance of telephone customer service in the internet era. Many people still prefer talking to a person in real time. Your number should be easy for customers to find and the phone should be answered consistently.
If your staff is often unable to answer the phone, there are many affordable alternatives. You can hire a small business virtual receptionist to handle incoming calls or use a call center service provider. Either solution allows customers to reach an attentive representative for your company.

Failing to Train Staff

Customer service is a group activity. At small businesses, most employees will have some level of interaction with customers. Each customer interaction can impact the image and reputation of the entire business, so make sure that every team member knows how to handle these interactions.
The most important thing is to train them to be courteous, understanding, and helpful at all times, even when facing complaints. They should also do their best to meet deadlines and fulfill any promises that were made to the customer.

Not Asking for Feedback

Most customers won’t volunteer information about the positive and negative aspects of your business. But that information helps you determine what you’re doing right and what needs work, so you should seek it out.
Make it convenient for customers to fill out surveys, forms, or feedback cards, whether online or in-person. It should be anonymous to encourage participation. Including a small gift, such as a coupon or gift card, can also help to encourage participation.
By focusing on these five areas, your small business can have exceptional customer service. This leads to a solid reputation, increased customer retention, and additional referrals. Ultimately, these elements will improve the long-term success of your business.
This post was originally published on the CMS Customer Service Blog.