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4 strategi memulai startup Ecommerce

4 Fundamental Strategies for Launching a Successful Ecommerce Startup

Software Paperless Office

You are a successful small office owner. You have hundreds of loyal customers whose paper records you need to create, store and track. Every day, you end up spending a few hours of your precious time just managing paper. You cannot catch up any more. So you hire an assistant – and of course pay her salary. All goes well up to a point, after which all those bulky files become too unwieldy even for her to manage, and she vents out her frustration… So is there a way out? A solution that not only takes care of your customer data, but also saves time for you, so you can use it in more productive activities? Yes! And the answer is in having… …A paperless office software. What is a paperless office? A paperless office is an office where information is created, stored, processed and shared in electronic form. A paperless office gets rid of all forms of paper by converting them into digital documents. This can be done by investing in a scanner and document management software (DMS) – the two m…

7 market vertical untuk Document Imaging

If you are a document imaging VAR you probably have your own pet markets. Many resellers apply their expertise and contacts to specialize in one vertical market such as retail, health care, or financial services. However, document imaging technology has broad-based applications in multiple vertical markets. If you become too specialized you could be leaving money on the table. Recent research conducted by InfoTrends reveals that the largest vertical market for digital printing and scanning devices is the professional, scientific, and technical services arena. The top 10 CBSAs represent a total of 2.4 million devices sold, 42.3 billion pages, and 7.9 billion MPS pages. The New York metro area alone is estimated to produce 57.4 billon pages, which makes it a strong region for document imaging VARs. Other markets such as healthcare, insurance, banking, and government also are seeing strong growth. When document imaging VARs position scanning technology as part of an overall strategy to …

Bagaimana layanan Document Imaging ?

Using an in-house document imaging service as part of any company’s document management strategy will not only save money but it will deliver end-to-end control of business-critical documents. In fact, creating an in-house document storage and management services could be the smartest thing a company can do, and helping customers create their own document imaging service can be a great source of revenue for resellers. Companies save money using internal document imaging services in a number of ways. They save on paper and printing resources. They save on IT support time and personnel to monitor and manage multiple department printers. They save staff time not only running to and from the printer but also searching for lost files and making all those extra file copies for the next meeting. And they save a fortune in the space needed to archive paper documents. The savings in paper use alone are substantial. The average American office workergenerates about 10,000 printed pages per yea…

15 cara Managed Print Service bisa menghemat biaya Anda


7 cara temukan Document Imaging yang tepat