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Ubah Android Anda menjadi mobile probe PRTG

PRTG Mini Probes - Part 1:
The PRTG Mobile Probe for Android Turn Your Smartphone Into a Mobile Measuring Device About half a year ago, we asked you to help us beta test our new PRTG Mobile Probe for Android. Since then the mobile probe has left beta status and offers you a whole new world of monitoring possibilities—and we are pretty excited about it! Well, of course we are. Being the developers, you would expect that kind of enthusiasm, but also our customers gave us great feedback and presented really interesting applications. Now the PRTG Mobile Probe has been officially released and we want to mark this occasion by showing  you how to unlock its full potential, and how you can put it to use in order to enhance your monitoring strategy. Sensor overview on mobile probe device
This is, by the way, only the first part of an article series on the new PRTG Mini Probe, which enables you to create a probe that is completely tailored to your own specific needs. It, for example, allows you …

What Makes a Leader - Tanadi Santoso

By Tanadi Santoso

KUNCI menjadi

1. Kemampuan TEKNIK KHUSUS.
2. Kemampuan ANALISA dan pemBUATan KEPUTUSAN.
3. Kemampuan EMOTIONAL.

bisnis disebut
# HARDSKILLs (1 dan 2)
# SOFT-SKILLs (3),

dimana seMAKIN keATAS JABATAN seseorang semakin banyak PORSI SOFTSKILLs yang diBUTUHkan.

Daniel Goleman
sukses dengan bukunya
"Emotional Intelligence",

berawal pada
tulisan di Harvard
Business Review edisi Nov-Dec 1998, dengan judul "What Makes a Leader."

Banyak tahun yang lalu saya membaca bukunya, dan kemarin saya baca artikel HBR nya pada buku "10 must read from HBR."

menunjukkan :
jauh lebih banyak memberikan kontribusi pada sukses atau tidaknya sebuah kepemimpinan.

harus dimiliki seorang pemimpin,

emotional jauh
lebih penting dan
kritikal dalam sukses tidaknya kepemimpinan perusahaan tersebut.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) merupakan hasil…

ManageEngine APM kembali muncul di Gartner sebagai Challenger.

Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring 28 October 2014 ID:G00262851 Analyst(s): Jonah Kowall, Will Cappelli VIEW SUMMARY Demand for APM products and services intensifies, with a focus on mobility and analytics, allowing IT operations, application support, nontechnical business users and users evolving toward DevOps to support continuous release. APM provides better insight into applications and business execution. Market Definition/Description Although the market definition remains unchanged from our 2013 research (see "Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring"), there have been changes in the definition of an application. Gartner defines an application as a software program or group of programs that interact with their environment via defined interfaces and which are designed to perform a specific range of functions. They may be end-user-facing, presenting a UI, or provide the interface between two applications themselves. Applications are not (nor…