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8 big data predictions for 2015

Big Data Emerging Technologies 8 big data predictions for 2015 By Bernard MarrDec 30 2014 Comment For this post, I’ll be gazing into my crystal ball to predict the moves that big data will make in the coming year. As with all predictions, we have to take those with caution because some of them might not turn out to be true. And of course real game-changing innovation often comes out of left-field and takes even the most vigilant of seers by surprise. So, if something earth-shattering happens in the upcoming year which shakes our conception of what can be done with data to the core, and I missed it here, blame the crystal ball. The value of the big data economy will reach $125 billion This is the revenue taken in by vendors selling software, hardware and services to allow other businesses to implement big data strategies. The figure comes from research by market research specialists IDC (International Data Corporation). The Internet of Things will go mainstream There are a plethora of…

The 9 Marketing Disciplines of Great SaaS Companies


venture capitalist at redpoint The 9 Marketing Disciplines of Great SaaS CompaniesBill Macaitis, the former CMO of Zendesk, articulates how a SaaS marketing team should operate better than anybody else I've met. At a recent Point9 conference, Bill outlined the 9 marketing disciplines of great SaaS companies and how they fit together to create a marketing powerhouse. I've copied my notes from Bill's talk below.Ops & Analytics Team
The operations and analytics teams is the first marketing team every SaaS company should build because this team you erects the experimental infrastructure for determining which marketing tactics are viable. Over time, it also becomes the largest team.Zendesk employed a combination of products to build this infrastructure including Convertro, Google Analytics, Infer, Optimizely and DemandBase. This team employed sophisticated attribution models to understand precisely how many impressions and the types of impre…