Yang terbaru di SiSense 5.7

Version 5.7 brings a greater breadth of functionality to the Sisense platform by expanding the range of visualizations tools, adding native connectivity to unstructured and machine data, as well as providing support to access data anywhere. We’ve introduced a native connector to merge data in MongoDB and Splunk with other sources. New visualizations are now available that will allow you to interpret time series data through calendar heatmaps and hierarchical data with tree maps. In addition, dealing with data on the go is much easier with our improved export to PDF feature, and a number of other miscellaneous enhancements.

Unstructured Data Connector

Splunk Connector

Capture, analyze and connect machine-generated data to other sources.
Use the native Splunk connector to harness the power of machine data you collect and integrate it into your Business Intelligence strategy. Use the powerful database, analytics and visualization tools provided by Sisense to reach new insights into your machine data and the way it relates to other datasets in your organization.
  • Connect Splunk generated machine data with other sources
  • View and analyze alongside other data
  • Give business users access to machine data without going through IT
  • User-friendly dashboards and visualizations for Splunk users

MongoDB Connector

Analyze and report on unstructured data from MongoDB NoSQL database.
Utilize your unstructured data collected in the MongoDB database by connecting it to Sisense to gain real insights through analysis and visualizations.
  • Allow ad hoc reporting, dashboarding and analysis of unstructured data
  • Mashup data from structured sources (for example SQL, Oracle, Google Analytics) with unstructured data from MongoDB
  • Allow users to view many varied columns in each table.

New Visualizations

Tree Map

Visualize and understand hierarchical data.
A tree map shows proportional distribution of data segmented by various categories. Each data point is represented by a rectangular with the size determined by its proportional contribution.
  • Quickly understand the relative contribution of multiple categories
  • Drill into various segments to get insight into the contributing factors
  • Use multiple segments to break down data and understand results easily

Calendar Heat Map

Discover trends and gain insights from periodical data.
Show activity of an important metric over an extended period of time, such as months or years. Settings enable a variety of by-month views, as well as week views to compare specific days, or week over week trends. Discover how quantity trends over time or fluctuates depending on the day.
  • Quickly see how metrics perform over time
  • See variance in daily results by using conditional coloring and formatting
  • Easily select multiple points of interest to filter results and drill into detail

Improved Export to PDF

Export a widget or dashboard to pdf for offline use.
Export any of the Sisense dashboards or widgets to pdf or image file to use offline. Tailor pdf’s for individual needs, including the ability to get quick insights and facts for presentations.
  • Export large data sets to physical form
  • Provide an offline version of any dashboard
  • Use dashboard widgets for presentation

Miscellaneous Enhancements


Improved subtotals calculations for custom formulas. Enable users to easily see aggregated and detailed calculations for similar groups of items in the same pivot.

Details in Scatter Map

Show greater data for each location in scatter plots by adding an additional field. Improve the ability to compare performance across locations.

Drill and Clear Selection Menu

Improved controls make it easier to select or drill into data, as well as to clear a selected value.