Menggunakan SmartVPN Android utk SSL VPN Tunnel Anda

How to Use SmartVPN Android APP to Establish SSL VPN Tunnel?

SmartVPN APP for Android is now available on Google play. This document demonstrates how to use the APP to establish a SSL VPN tunnel.

  1. On VPN server, create a SSL user account. Please refer to “How to Set up SSL VPN” for detailed instructions.

  1. Download the APP from Google play, and run the APP. 2

  1. Tap “+”  to add a new profile.

  1. Edit the profile.
    1. Enter Description of this profile.
    2. Enter VPN Server's IP in Server.
    3. Enter Port as the port which VPN server uses for SSL VPN; for Vigor Routers, it is 443 by default.
    4. Tap SAVE to save the profile or “<” to cancel.
  • Installation of relevant Root CA is required to enable server certificate authentication.
  • If you check “Use default gateway on remote network”, all the traffic of this smart device will be forwarded to the remote gateway.

  1. Tap the profile bar to establish SSL VPN tunnel.

  1. Enter Username and Password, then tap Dial.

  1. When the tunnel is up, the profile will turn green. Tap the bar again will disconnect the tunnel.

  1. Tap the pencil icon to edit or remove the profile.