Bagaimana menghitung License SOLARWINDS NPM ?

  •  How is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor licensed?
    A:  SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is licensed by the largest number of the three following element types:
    • Interfaces: interfaces include switch ports, physical/virtual interfaces, VLANs
    • Nodes: nodes include entire devices (routers, switches, servers, APs)
    • Volumes: volumes are equal to the logical disks you monitor
    Network Performance Monitor license options:
    • Up to 100 elements of each type (SL100)
    • Up to 250 elements of each type (SL250)
    • Up to 500 elements of each type (SL500)
    • Up to 2000 elements of each type (SL2000)
    Unlimited elements of each type are based on a recommended standard polling rate (SLX). For example: An NPM SL2000 can monitor up to 2000 interfaces + up to 2000 nodes + up to 2000 volumes.
    Data collected for items other than interfaces, nodes, and volumes is effectively free and you can monitor as many as your system can handle. A few examples of other data types that can be monitored include:
    • CPU statistics
    • Memory statistics
    • Wireless radios
    • Syslog messages
    • Trap messages
    • Power supplies
    • System fans
    • Humidity sensors
    • Temperature sensors
    • Any other SNMP statistics
  • Q: Can I buy multiple licenses of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (e.g., an SL-100 and an SL-250) and monitor all 350 network elements from the same web console?
    A:  No. A SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor license allows you to install a single database, and each database is associated with a single web console.
  • Q: Is the SLX unlimited?
    A:  The SolarWinds NPM SLX license entitles you to monitor an unlimited number of elements, but the throughput is rate-limited. Most customers will be able to monitor about 10,000 elements per polling engine (main or additional) with standard polling intervals. For more technical details, see this KB or speak with an SE.
  • Q: Can I just use better hardware to poll more?
    A:  No, the software enforces a throughput rate. However, if you change the polling interval to poll less often, it is possible to monitor more than 10,000 elements on a single server. For details on how the throughput rate is enforced see this KB .