Integrasikan Eyeshare dengan SCOM2012

With System Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM 2012) and eyeShare you can now monitor IT systems, network and services and react to operational problems or proactively manage IT tasks better and faster than ever before.
Operations Manager will help you identify and resolve problems by telling you which monitored objects are not healthy. It will send alerts when problems are detected, and provide information to help you identify the cause of a problem and possible solutions.
Watch the SCOM 2012 Integration on YouTube:
However, if you got this far, why not take one step further and automate the resolution of problems too? Why not remediate IT incidents automatically, and proactively schedule IT maintenance tasks?
eyeShare lets you do all this, with a smooth SCOM 2012 integration. For example, you can schedule repetitive IT tasks such as disk space cleanup and file operations, or you can automatically remediate problems such as locked Active Directory accounts.
Using eyeShare’s bi-directional communication you can control the execution of automated processes remotely from your mobile device. For example, instruct a process whether to restart a service or not. Bi-directional communication also enables a closed-loop incident remediation between eyeShare and SCOM 2012, by passing alerts and status notifications between the two programs.
Take a look at the IT process automation integration to learn more about the pre-packaged tasks that you can automate out of the box, without any effort or scripting