PRTG semakin banyak digunakan

IT system administrators work hard to keep businesses running smoothly. Their goal is to prevent network malfunctions that can lead to wasted time, financial loss and, potentially, reputational damage. But to succeed, they need to have the right tools for the job.
A unified monitoring software tool such as Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor helps IT professionals by keeping tabs on the entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, virtualisation layers and applications.  It enables them to prevent and quickly resolve niggling issues affecting IT networks, freeing up their time to focus on important IT projects that will improve day-to-day business processes.
Here are five ways PRTG can improve your network’s performance and help give IT administrators time to focus on adding value to their business:

hardware problemRecognising potential hardware issues

PRTG delivers a huge amount of data that gives you detailed insight into the health of your network. It informs you of the status of every piece of hardware and application in your infrastructure, so that you can pre-empt when resources are under stress and likely to fail. Improved oversight of each detail of your infrastructure will also support your decision on whether you need to invest in new hardware.
Improving web page performance
You risk losing potential customers with a slow web page. E-commerce companies and organisations that want to make it easy for customers to connect via the web must have high availability and quick loading times for their web pages. PRTG will alert you to poor web page performance and help you know when to allocate more bandwidth.
virtualisationMaking virtual environments more reliable

PRTG will keep a close eye on virtual environments. The software can monitor CPU and memory usage, network speed, and the performance of the hardware hosting the virtual machine. This means that when problems crops up, you can quickly understand and locate the cause, which means less time is spent troubleshooting.
Reducing Windows service failure and server hang-ups
Problems with Outlook are common for many organisations. One of the most common fixes is to reboot the server to get the service back online. But PRTG gives you the option to reboot the server automatically, even if you’re working remotely, which gives you more flexibility and speeds up recovery time.
Increasing security
PRTG acts like a security command centre. It oversees the whole security picture of a network by ensuring antivirus scanners are running and keeping track of unusual activity. It helps detect suspicious usage such as unusual CPU and traffic peaks and checks the status of network connections.