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MassMailer template.
Version 1.1
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In this newsletter:
- MassMailer template version 1.1
- New features expected soon in this template
- More in-depth info on version 1.1
- Other news (Calendar template version 2 is coming soon)
1. MassMailer template version 1.1
We are glad to present an updated version of MassMailer template for PHPRunner. 
This template is designed to send daily/weekly/monthly billing reminders or daily reports. You can fully customize the appearance of each email making it truly personal. It can be also used to send one off newsletters to all your customers or users.
New features in this update:
- Repeating sections in templates
- Execute SQL after each email
MassMailer template requires PHPRunner 8. Supported databases are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre. We expect ASPRunnerPro and ASPRunner.NET versions to be available soon as well.
This update is free of charge for existing MassMailer template customers. Use the same download link to get this update. All others can get 20% discount on this template. Get it now for $40.
We'd love to hear your feedback. Let us know how we can improve this template.
2. New features expected soon in this template

We are working on version 1.2 of this template that will support attachments. Email attachments can be either hardcoded (the same attachment for each email) or stored in database field.
We also plan to release ASPRunnerPro/ASPRunner.NET versions as well.
3. More in-depth info on version 1.1
Repeating sections in templates. Lets consider a bit more complicated email example. Your company sells many goods to its customers via Internet and once a week you need to send each customer a summary of their past week orders. This can be achieved now with the help of repeating sections. You can find more detailed examples when you create a new task clicking 'Template syntax help' button.
We have also added an option to execute SQL query after each email being sent. Use it when you need to update a record in the main table after email is sent. Typical uses include updating Status field with value like 'sent' or updating EmailSent field with the current date/time.
4. Other news
We are working on Calendar template version 2. The main new feature is an option to display data from any existing table in calendar format. 
Stay tuned!