Survey kepuasan pengguna PRTG

Austin, Texas and Nuremberg, Germany - April 29, 2015 - Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring solutions specialist, today announced the results of its customer satisfaction survey, which highlights the key features and functionalities IT departments look for most in a network monitoring tool, as well as insight into how network monitoring is used. The survey, conducted over the past year, sought feedback from 648 customers worldwide, with 190 respondents based in North America.
The survey results revealed the rising importance of mobile for network administrators. Among all respondents, 49 percent access PRTG Network Monitor on their mobile device. The number highlights the growing importance of mobile solutions for businesses and the popularity of push notifications. Paessler has made several improvements in mobile in the past year, including the development of a mobile application for all major operating systems, a refined user interface and the introduction of customizable push notifications.
PRTG users highlighted time and cost savings in relation to network management as key benefits, with 64 percent of respondents reporting exceptional value in time savings and 46 percent realizing exceptional value in cost savings. Additionally, 55 percent of respondents reported weekly time savings of 2 hours a week or more, with 23 percent reporting savings of 4 hours a week or more. By saving just two hours a week, IT departments gain 13 working days of time.
"One of our core values is to proactively improve PRTG Network Monitor to ensure that network administrations are never put into a position where they need something and have to wait for us to develop it," said Dirk Paessler, founder and CEO of Paessler. "We worked diligently in the past year to make PRTG more user-friendly and to develop mobile solutions, and the response from our customer base has been substantial. Between our mobile success and high satisfaction rates, I believe our efforts in the past year have been a major accomplishment and look forward to providing even more for our dedicated users in the future."
Dirk PaesslerDirk Paessler, Founder and CEO, Paessler AG
Other highlights from the survey include:
  • Recommendation - 96 percent of respondents would be happy to recommend PRTG to a colleague, or have already done so.
  • Fast Installation - 65 percent of respondents saw exceptional value in PRTG's installation time.
  • Ease of Use - 79 percent of respondents rated PRTG's ease of use as high or very high.
  • Quality Support - Only 43 percent of respondents needed to request support, but among those that did, 87 percent found support to be helpful.
  • Reliability - 78 percent of respondents were very satisfied with PRTG's reliability.
The report was conducted from February 2014 to February 2015.
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