Contoh Penerapan Monitor PRTG 100 Free Sensor

In my last blog article, I told you about our decision to offer PRTG Network Monitor 100 for free. Since then a lot of new users have downloaded our software and started monitoring their networks, applications and virtual environments with PRTG. This is great, so a big "Hi and welcome!" to you! As I've already hinted at in my last article, I wanted to show you some hands-on scenarios, in which you can really benefit from PRTG 100. Let's get started—and also don't forget about all the other built-in functionalities and features like, for example, creating your own dashboards, alerts and notifications, detailed reporting, and mobile apps. In simple words: Have fun exploring PRTG!

Monitor Your Website for Guaranteed Uptime

If you run a business you know about the importance of your webpage—whether it's used as a rudimentary business card with contact information, a shop window that enables visitors a glance into your services, or a web shop with your complete product portfolio replacing a retail store. If users have to wait too long for a webpage to respond, or if a web service is not available when needed, they probably will just move on to another vendor who can provide a smoother user experience.

Now with PRTG 100 you can setup a comprehensive monitoring of your websites in order to guarantee their availability as well as fast response times:
  • The HTTP sensor, for example, lets you monitor the general availability of your website,
  • The HTTP Full Web Page sensor keeps track of the loading time of an entire page,
  • The HTTP Transaction sensor enables you to monitor processes like logins or forms, and
  • The Cloud HTTP sensor (beta) keeps a close eye on your web server from various locations, which are distributed over five continents around the globe.
By using remote probes, which are also included for free in PRTG 100, you can setup your own worldwide distributed monitoring, and ensure availability for international customers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: You can use PRTG also to monitor the web server, backup processes and many more elements relevant for your website.

Secure Your Email Traffic

Although in modern offices we use a variety of tools—video conferencing and chats to dedicated collaboration tools—to communicate, email is still the main means of communication. Everyone can use it, no extra setup is required and you can easily bring external partners or customers into a conversation. Email systems are regarded as being thereliable method of digital communication, so any disturbances in email traffic can have grave consequences.

With PRTG 100 you can see the entire email cycle at a glance:
  • The Email Round Trip sensors (IMAP and POP3) allow you to secure your email traffic by monitoring the entire sending and receiving cycle of an email,
  • Sensors for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP monitoring deliver constant information on the availability of the services, and
  • Special WMI and Powershell sensors help you monitor the health of your Exchange Server.

PRTG 100 Offers Virtually Unlimited Possibilities

Besides the two mentioned examples you can monitor virtually anything with PRTG 100. Just have a look at the "How To: Free Network Monitoring" page, which will give you even more hands-on examples on what you can achieve with PRTG 100:
  • Syslog/Trap manager: Collect, filter and sort Syslog/SNMP trap messages—you only need one sensor!
  • Database monitoring: PRTG 100 offers predefined SQL sensor for in–depth database monitoring.
  • Printer monitoring: From toner levels and paper to statistical values like printed pages—never be bothered again because of printer issues.
  • Flow monitoring: PRTG 100 comes with several flow sensors (NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow and IPFIX) and gives you a quick overview of top talkers, top protocols and top connections.
  • VMware Host monitoring: Dedicated VMware sensors help you read out and process comprehensive performance data.
PRTG Network Monitor: 100 Sensors. For Free. Forever.
If you want to read more about why we made PRTG 100 available for free and what this version incorporates (spoiler alert: it offers all the features of our commercial versions, only with 100 free sensors), just have a look at my last blog post.
You don't use PRTG Network Monitor yet to keep an eye on your IT infrastructure? Just download the free PRTG 100 now and get started!
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Please note: For the first 30 days you can try PRTG with unlimited sensors. After this time period is over, you'll be able to continue using 100 sensors for free forever. It is the complete deal—only for free! You cannot combine two licenses, so on one server you can install either the free PRTG 100 or a commercial license.