Cara mudah membuat Private Cloud, gunakan Go-Global Gateway

GO-Global GatewayTypical GO-Global Gateway Environment

GO-Global Gateway is the easy and cost-effective way to create a secure, private cloud environment. As a standard GO-Global for Windowsfeature provided at no additional cost, GO-Global Gateway gives administrators extensive control over user rights and privileges, allowing them to monitor and manage clusters of GO-Global for Windows Hosts. Users can access and share applications, files, and documents via simple hyperlinks. And developers can integrate Windows applications into Web-based enterprise and workflow applications using the GO-Global Web API.
GO-Global Gateway runs under Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003 R2 or Windows Server 2003. It can be installed on a standalone Windows Server, or together with GO-Global for Windows Host on a Windows Server.

GO-Global Features at a Glance

    • Anywhere Access. GO-Global Gateway requires only a Flash-enabled browser to run applications and open documents, using standard ports (such as 80) and standard protocols (such as HTTP) to communicate.
    • Centralized Administration. Administrators can easily manage GO-Global Hosts from virtually any computer that has a Flash-enabled browser or a GO-Global Client.
    • High-Availability, Load-Balancing Clusters. Administrators can create high-availability, load-balancing clusters of GO-Global Hosts with no single point of failure. The load is balanced among Hosts taking into account factors such as CPU usage, memory usage, and the number of running sessions.
    • Application-based Load Balancing. If an application exists on multiple Hosts, GO-Global Gateway automatically starts the application on the Host with the lightest load. Windows applications no longer need to be installed on every GO-Global Host in a cluster.
    • Enterprise-class Security. Ensures that only authorized users are allowed to connect to Hosts and access applications and documents. When installed on a Windows Server, it supports name/password, client certificates, Integrated Windows Authentication, and Active Directory.
    • Secure Document Sharing. Users can securely access and share documents and files from GO-Global for Windows Hosts. Depending upon access rights, users can view and edit documents even if they do not have the corresponding Windows application installed. The documents never have to leave the secure GO-Global Host.
    • User Workspace. Lets users access their applications and files from a their virtual Workspace, incorporating an intuitive, redesigned user interface.
    • User Sandbox. Allows administrators to isolate a user’s Workspace, limiting access to specific applications and files. This protects the Host from intentional or unintentional damage. And it ensures privacy, giving each user a protected place on the Host, so other users cannot accidentally view or delete sensitive information.
    • Hyperlink Access. Every resource on a Host can be accessed via a hyperlink. Users and administrators can share applications, documents, folders, files, and sessions by simply sending a hyperlink in an e-mail or instant message.
    • Active Directory Integration. Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory. Administrators can manage user access according to the user accounts, passwords, and security settings stored in the Active Directory.
    • Single Sign-on Support. Improves user productivity by reducing the time required to log into multiple applications, as well as administrators’ ability to enforce uniform enterprise authentication and authorization policies across the enterprise.
    • Automatic Client Updates. Administrators can configure GO-Global Gateway to automatically update clients when users connect to a Host running a newer version.
    • HTTP Tunneling. GO-Global tunnels GraphOn’s RXP protocol over HTTP, enabling users who connect via Web proxy servers to run applications on GO-Global Hosts.
    • GO-Global Web API. Windows applications can be integrated with existing Web applications. Most GO-Global features can be controlled programmatically from Web-based applications using the Web API. Developers can start and monitor sessions, authenticate users, create workspaces, move files to and from a Workspace, start and stop applications, monitor server usage, and more.
    • NEW: Mobile Client Support. iOS and Android mobile client access to GO-Global Gateway.

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