PRTG digunakan untuk monitoring MSP (Manage Service Provider)

PRTG Network Monitor's MSP Advantages at a Glance

  • Remote probes enable you to monitor multiple distributed customer networks with one license of PRTG
  • PRTG is MSP-ready, no special licenses or partnership required
  • Personalize the webinterface your customers see or add your own extensions
  • Included roles and rights based user management for a credential based customer access.
  • Cost efficient and attractive ”Pay as you grow” business model
  • Offer your customers monitoring as an additional service to increase your revenue
  • Ease of use for you and your customer
  • Increase your customer retention and be the expert for their entire network


I want to use PRTG as an MSP solution. What do I need to do?

Is there a special MSP license needed?
Each license of PRTG Network Monitor (exception: Terms Section B §3 1d) comes with the entire functionality for use as MSP solution. PRTG is MSP-ready - 'out-of-the-box'.
Do you have a MSP partner program and do we have to sign a special agreement?
No, we do not have a special MSP partner program but in order to use PRTG as your managed service solution please make sure to place the PRTG Network Monitor MSP logo on your website.
(please contact
How can I offer the service?
PRTG Network Monitor can be run as a credential-based system. Depending on your customer's needs you can define different access rights: either give them full access to their sensors and groups so they can manage their monitoring on their own or you just give them read-only access so that they can see their own monitoring data but not change any settings. Another option is to publish the monitoring results in a map on a website (e.g. in the customer's intranet).

What MSP licenses are available and what options do I have?

Each license of PRTG Network Monitor comes with the entire functionality for the use as MSP solution. You are free to use all licenses up to PRTG 5000 for offering Monitoring services to your customers without any additional costs. Only the Unlimited and Corporate licenses are not allowed for MSP usage.

How can I monitor my customers’ networks?

There are two possible scenarios:
First scenario: You install the core server at your site. In this case the license has to be registered to your company name, the customer's sites are monitored via remote probes. This allows you to monitor different customers at the same time with one single license/core server installation of PRTG.
Second scenario: You install the core server at your customer's site. However, the license has to be registered to the customer and only this customer can be monitored with this PRTG license.
Either way, you can specify different access rights. Please find some more useful background information below:
Remote probes
So called remote probes enable you to monitor locally distributed customer networks with one central installation of PRTG Network Monitor. The probes gather monitoring data from your customer's network and transfer these data to the core installation at your server.
If anything occurs in your customer's networks, you can be notified via various alarm methods (e.g. SMS, Email, Pager) to react quickly. This alert can be sent to your customer, too. Also, escalation levels can be defined such as an email alert to your customer as a first step and then a SMS to you/your staff if the problem has not been solved within a certain amount of time. For detailed information please see this link.
You can also create regular reports for your customers, containing statistics of events, outages, uptime etc. Please see the reporting section for further information.

How can I customize PRTG?

You may want to use your own logos and/or colors for the web interface of your PRTG installation to fit better into your company's corporate design. Rebranding the web interface and adding custom CSS, HTML or javascript code is supported by the PRTG API which can be found in your PRTG installation ("Website Styling" tab in "Setup | PRTG API")
For detailed information have a look at our knowledge base:

Are there any special MSP terms I have to consider?

The PRTG Network Monitor Unlimited and Corporate licenses may not be used for MSP purposes. See details at our terms and conditions, §3, 1d.
All other licenses up to PRTG 5000 can be used as a MSP solution.