Solusi Bandwidth Management & Fail-over dengan Draytek v300B

With the rapid growth in adoption of High Speed Internet and the need of business continuity, DrayTek offers Vigor300B, multi-WAN load balancer router to satisfy the business demands. The Vigor300B is a gigabit multi-WAN load balancer / firewall for managing mission-critical and bandwidth-consumed applications. Vigor300B can reach up-to 1,000Mbps (1G) WAN throughput by four gigabit WAN ports. The multiple WAN interface can do WAN connection load-balancing while connected to different WAN links. During Internet Service Provider outages, the WAN failover feature ensures reliable Internet connectivity.
For general business segment, employees can stay connected with vendors, partners and customers to be productive. For managed service providers, you want to give customers a reliable access to their subscribed application-aware services. Hence, you retain customers with the long-term loyalty and meet requirements the service level of agreement (SLA).
With the advanced bandwidth management and firewall functions, Vigor300B further guarantees the efficient and secure business network.
Maximum degree of operational reliability
It allows users to access Internet and combine the bandwidth of the Quad-WAN to speed up the transmission to 1G WAN throughput. Each WAN port can connect to different ISPs for High Speed Internet access over 100Mbps, even if the ISPs use different technology to provide service (such as FTTx, xDSL, cable modem, etc.). During connection uptime, all WAN links can do load-balancing for traffics to optimize the usage of the bandwidth. If any connection problem occurred on one of the ISP connections, all traffics can be guided and switched to the available WAN links. That guarantees your business wouldn’t be isolated from the world. In addition to the office environment, Vigor300B serves hospitability industry/community application. Based on the superior WAN throughput and reliable connection failover/load-balancing features, Vigor300B gives the reliable connection to access web sites, data centers, and the Internet. When system integrators (SIs) run the projects for these industries, they can definitely install Vigor300B to handle the role of the business-grade edge device.
Also, Vigor300B satisfies the needs for managed service providers. They need smooth traffic during connection uptime and avoid service outage during downtime. Vigor300B implemented Authoritative DNS server feature can do load-balancing to reply different WAN for inbound access queries from external devices. That can better utilize your subscribed bandwidth. When any WAN connection is dropped, it does failover to route traffics to available WAN connection. With Vigor300B, managed service providers can focus budgets on delivering superior yet affordable customer service on a consistent basis.
Fully utilization of subscribed bandwidth
When business grows, you may subscribe more high speed links to satisfy the operation needs. The demand of IP-based office, such as integrated with IP surveillance, video conference or cloud-based applications requires fully utilization of subscribed bandwidth. 
Vigor300B gives the advance bandwidth management feature with Quality of Service (QoS) function to ensure best utilization. The bandwidth limit and session limit simply define the suitable usage for each employee/workgroup based on the job functions. Those business critical applications can be managed by QoS function, specified the incoming and outgoing traffics to define priority and allocated bandwidth. Vigor300B does 4-level priority Inbound/Outbound QoS that helps to meet specific requirements and priorities for each application and decide which WAN links are used for which applications and when.
With the advanced QoS feature by Vigor300B, the IP-based office realization is feasible. It means the great amount of devices, such as servers. IP cameras, PCs will need to connect to Internet, managed by Vigor300B. In this case, DrayTek offers state-of-the-art IPv6 ready switches. These swtiches provides gigabit connectivity and Power over Ethernet (PoE) features to ensure the speed of data transmission and ease the installation.
Security without compromise
The Vigor300B also provides high-security firewall options with both IP-layer and content based protection. The DoS/DDoS prevention and URL/Web content filter strengthen the security outside and inside the network. Vigor300B provides the multi-subnet feature (4 subnets for LAN IPs) which allows network administrator to isolate different workgroups.
The DrayTek renowned Object-based firewall and the enterprise-level CSM (Content Security Management) features are available in Vigor300B as well. For instance, network administrator can use the IP object/group to divide different employees/workgroups. If you want to separate workgroups by subnets, you just choose address type as subnet in the IP object page instead of creating new ones for every employee. Vigor300B makes CSM functions become objects to ease configuration process. Therefore, applications, like P2P, IM and Web Content Filter (powered by CYREN GlobalView WCF) belonging to CSM category can be managed directly by Object Setting. Time schedule has been added to Object Setting section for application management. For instance, employee can use IM and surf some leisure websites during non-working hours that increase the flexibility of daily network management. Your employees won’t be distracted and then their productivity can be enhanced. Business gets a threat-free network and ensures bandwidth available for the operation usage. 
You can configure WAN 4 as the physical DMZ port to separate the public server (e.g. FTP/Web server) and private servers in order to secure the LAN network. While configured LAN 2 as the monitor port, you can do traffic analysis for device under Vigor300B’s LAN network by Smart Monitor traffic analyzer. It can manage up-to 200 PC users for Vigor300B and download via DrayTek website without additional cost. 
Seamless IPv6 migration
For business segment, IPv6 offers tremendous benefits such as business continuity, customer reach maintenance and investments protection. In IPv6 era, many businesses can take advantages of the near-endless supply of IP addresses to create new business models. On the other hand, businesses face challenges if they cannot access IPv6 network that will force them out of the game. For this reason, one important concern for conducting tech refresh for networking solution is whether the candidate supports IPv6 or not. No one will purchase the business-grade firewall which cannot serve IPv6 network. DrayTek has implemented IPv6 on Vigor300B to ensure a smooth migration path for the affordable but faster broadband. Its WAN-IPv6-connection can be established via Static IPv6, DHCPv6 and TSPC. 
Metro-Ethernet Network
Metro-Ethernet Network

4-port WAN/3.5G Load balancing& Backup

Inbound / outbound load-balancing 
Inbount-Outbount Load balancing

Traffic analyze to optimize productivity
Traffic analyze to optimize productivity

Multi-Subnet for office application management
Multi-Subnet for office application management