Monitoring Google Analytic , Google Drive , Microsoft OneDrive dan Dropbox dari PRTG

Ada hal yang menarik dengan PRTG. Ternyata bisa digunakan untuk monitoring banyak hal,termasuk monitoring Google Analytic, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive dan Dropbox, hanya dari layar dashboard PRTG kita..

In February this year, our CEO Dirk Paessler shared some words on how to set up a cloud policy before entering the cloud with you. Since then, eight months have passed and you probably rely more on cloud services than ever before. While the backbone of your productivity still lies within a well working network and especially a functioning internet connection to use said cloud services, including them into your favorite monitoring software seems like the next logical step. With this and the next blog article, I want to introduce the new PRTG cloud sensors to you: They will help you to keep track of the most important values of your cloud services.
The following sensor types use the OAuth2 security protocol to access the account from which you want to retrieve and monitor data. Authentication via OAuth2 enables you to grant access to the target account without sharing your password with PRTG. For detailed information on this authentication approach, please have a look at the manual page of the corresponding sensors:

Google Analytics Sensor

If you use Google Analytics, you know about its powerful capabilities when it comes to keeping track of your website's data. You can now view the values for all available Google Analytics metrics directly in the sensor's channels. The Google Analytics sensor queries data from your Google Analytics account using the Google API (Application Programming Interface). Just see the Paessler Knowledge Base on where to find available Google Analytics metrics. You want to check unique views, users, or total views? From now on, just have a look at PRTG!

Google Drive Sensor

When it comes to cloud services, cloud storage is one of the most widely used applications. That's why with the Google Drive sensor we now enable you to monitor your cloud drive's free storage in both bytes and percent as well as the trash size in percent.

Microsoft OneDrive Sensor

If you prefer Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive as a cloud storage provider, just use the Microsoft OneDrive sensor, which shows you free storage in bytes and percent using the OneDrive API.

Dropbox Sensor

With Dropbox being one of the most popular cloud storage providers, it was a natural choice to incorporate it as one of our cloud sensors. PRTG uses the Dropbox API to show you free storage in bytes and percent.

No matter which cloud service you use, make sure you create notifications and add triggers tailored to your specific needs. Just have a look at the PRTG manual on "Sensor Notification Settings" and get started!
Stay tuned for the next chapter of this blog series: "PRTG Cloud Sensors - Part 2: Amazon CloudWatch Sensors".