Masih gunakan custom script? import saja ke OpManager

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Using Scripts? Now import them into OpManager!
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No second thought that scripts are vital and help meet your custom monitoring needs. However, the biggest challenge is the intensive manual efforts required to execute it consistently across hundreds of serves. It also doesn’t alert when there is an issue.
Now import all your scripts into OpManager's new
Script Monitoring module, and
automate your pre & post script-execution activities.
Know more on OpManager's Script Monitor
The Script Monitoring module:
bullet Out-of-the-box supports Powershell, Linux shell, VBScript, Perl and Python scripts
bullet Offers import/ export and 'Save as Template' options
bullet Supports migration of scripts from HP OpenView and Zenoss
bullet Allows you to set threshold for script output, and receive email/SMS alerts if violated
bullet Allows you to trigger an IT workflow based on the script output
OpManager Features:
OpManager also includes Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, VMware Monitoring,
Hyper-V Monitoring, Script Monitoring, MS Exchange, SQL & Active Directory Monitoring