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ServiceDesk Plus kalahkan BMC di Reader's Choice Awards

ServiceDesk Plus Beats BMC by 2:1 Margin in Readers’ Choice Awards!Feb 13POSTED BY Meghna | ServiceDesk Plus “ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus was selected the winner in the Help Desk category of Readers’ Choice Awards. BMC Software Trackit and Help Desk Pilot were runner-up and second runner-up, respectively,” –  ​ This is the ​second time that our customers have voted for ServiceDesk Plus as their most preferred IT help desk software, making ServiceDesk Plus ​a Readers’ Choice Award Winner​. ​The audience comprises help desk managers, IT managers, network administrators, systems administrators, developers, systems analysts,

Gunakan SQLDBManager Plus untuk monitoring performansi MSSQL Anda.

What is ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus? ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus is an Microsoft SQL Server availability and performance monitoring software that helps DBAs ensure high availability and performance for their critical database servers. It provides a holistic view of production databases in place and helps database administrators (DBAs) track database usage, help in capacity planning and troubleshoot any performance related issues, ensuring 24x7 uptime. How can ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus help you? ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus can help you monitor the performance of the SQL Server including the host server of the database in question. The database performance management capability includes host monitoringmemory monitoringsession monitoringjobs monitoringbackup monitoringdatabase monitoringquery performance monitoringcustom query monitoring,database & replication monitoringcluster monitoringand capability to generate out-of-the-box audit reports. In case o…

Push Notification di PRTG

Get Notified Easier With PRTG Push Notifications Hi there, Reaction time is vital for your job. Being informed as soon as some component or service in your network behaves in an unusual way can save your free evening or even your weekend. In today's mobile world you're always on the go and push notifications reach you within seconds wherever you are. Advantages of Push Notifications This new free feature of PRTG Network Monitor is easily set up and comes with a full bag of advantages: Similar to a text message (SMS), you'll be notified immediately. Push notifications also do not drain your battery, because only a small part of the app will run when your system receives a push message. In order to send push notifications, simply set up a corresponding notification trigger for your sensors. For a detailed guide on how to set up push notifications, please have a look at the "Push Notifications from PRTG" article in the Paessler Knowledge Base. How Push N…

Manage Data Center Anda dengan OpManager

Dengan OpManager, Anda mendapatkan kemudahan untuk monitor network, server baik
physical ataupun virtual. Dilengkapi kemampuan custom SNMP / WMI, script, hingga ke
workflow, yang memudahkan Anda mengelola dan memberikan respon yang tepat.
OpManager dapat diintegrasikan dengan environment monitoring, dapat terintegrasi
dengan Helpdesk System, memberikan Anda kontrol dan penanganan tepat untuk data center.
used to monitor and manage all IT- Michael Melin, Head of IT, A leading financial companyFOLLOW US ON If you have any questions or need assistance during evaluation, you can contact
our sales at +62-812-1057533 or send a mail to

OpManager menyediakan SIEM Plugin - mitigasi keamanan data center Anda

Proactively mitigate security threats at your datacenter With its high-level network security intelligence and complete monitoring capability, OpManager's SIEM plugin ensures security at your datacenter. The plugin helps you to detect internal threats, security breaches and policy violations at your datacenter in real-time. It keeps your data protected and assures on being 100% compliant to Regulatory Mandates such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPPA, SOX, FISMA, GLBA and more. The SIEM plugin helps you to, Download SIEM Plugin! Combat security threats on critical serversProtect your business confidential files and foldersBe audit ready and stay 100% compliantPerform forensic analysis and detect the root cause of security breachesMonitor privileged user activitiesSIEM Plug–in DownloadSIEM Plug–in FAQs Combat security threats on critical servers Business critical servers are highly vulnerable to security threats. A security breach on any ofthose servers impacts your business continuity. De…

Membuat dashboard terintegrasi di Sisense dengan single sign-on

Sisense Single Sign-On (SSO)  is a mechanism that allows a system to authenticate users in Sisense and subsequently tell Sisense that the user has been authenticated. The user is then allowed to access Sisense without being prompted to enter separate login credentials. The SSO security mechanism allows Sisense to trust the login requests it gets from your corporate authentication system, and will grant access to the users that have been authenticated by it. Sisense SSO relies on a protocol called JSON Web Token (JWT) for securing the exchange of user authentication data.
Configuring SSO To access the SSO configuration, click MANAGE in the upper right corner and choose the SINGLE SIGN ON tab on the left. Fill in the SSO configuration fields and click SAVE: Remote Login URL : This is the URL that Sisense will invoke to attempt remote authentication. In that endpoint the participating application user authentication script is triggered and the JWT payload is generated.Remote Logout URL: …

Membuat Dashboard terintegrasi di Sisense

You can embed Sisense dashboards and widgets in non-Sisense environments, such as in your own websites or applications. Video Player
00:00 Use Left/Right Arrow keys to advance one second, Up/Down arrows to advance ten seconds. 02:02
Embedding Dashboards To embed a dashboard, add “?embed=true” to the url of the dashboard, and refresh the page. If you dashboard is within a folder, then first delete “?folder=” and everything that follows, before adding “?embed=true”. This will open the dashboard without the surrounding Sisense environment. For example: Dashboard URL: Embedded URL: Dashboard URL for dashboard within folder: