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Gunakan Site24x7 untuk monitoring Cloud Anda.

Stay updated on website uptime status Continuously monitor the availability of your websites at regular intervals and choose to be alerted via Email, SMS, RSS or Twitter in case of downtime or unavailability. Proactively monitor uptime/downtime metrics, webpage availability history and total downtime details to take corrective actions quickly before end-users are affected. Start monitoring URLs over the intranet, internet, WIFI and 3G/4G networks. Track response times from a global perspective Keep a constant check on your websites performance by tracking its response time from more than 50 locations globally and get alerted in case of performance degradation via email/SMS/RSS. Analyze end-user experience in real time Use a real web browser (Mozilla Firefox) to ensure uniform end-user website experience across the globe. Render your website in real-time and troubleshoot website components (including images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), and track the response time, status, component size, …


PRTG 100 is Now Available for Free! Dear PRTG Fan, Starting now, we are offering PRTG 100 for free. You might ask "Why?". Well, within the last few years IT infrastructures have grown more and more complex and we want to enable all admins to monitor their IT and reach 100% uptime - even if they are working in smaller businesses with a limited budget, or when maintaining a private IT project. For these growing challenges we want to equip you with the best monitoring solution: PRTG Network Monitor. That's why we are offering the 100 sensor license for free to all users for example to small business owners, startups, and private users. PRTG 100 - already so many monitoring possibilities The free PRTG version has only one limit: 100 sensors, which is enough to monitor about 20 servers and devices. It used to be a commercial PRTG license, but now it is available for free. It's as simple as that. You will be able to use all the features, remote probes, constan…

Magic Quadrant untuk Business Continuity Management Planning Software

Magic Quadrant for Business Continuity Management Planning Software 27 August 2014 ID:G00261175 Analyst(s): Roberta J. Witty, John P Morency VIEW SUMMARY Most BCMP tools meet customer needs for recovery plan management, and a consistent and repeatable plan development process. The growing focus on BCM program analytics and integration into the operational risk management initiative has resulted in increased sophistication of BCMP tools. Market Definition/Description Business continuity management planning (BCMP) software is the key tool used to manage the business continuity management (BCM) program process from risk assessment to business impact analysis (BIA) through recovery plan development, exercising and invocation. BCMP tools can greatly benefit organizations by jump-starting their BCM programs and quickly improving their overall continuity capability, as long as senior management is committed to the process. Mature and progressive BCM programs — including those that have a stron…