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Gunakan web phone untuk website perusahaan Anda

How to add a Webphone to your website By connecting a webphone to Ozeki Phone System XE you can provide your customers the ability to reach your support staff easily. Any web browser is capable of handling microphones and web cameras, making voice and video chat become available. This leads to numerous new possibilities: fast, effective and easy-to-use availability (results in higher income) for companies, great quality communication and also fast, effective and easy-to-use accessibility for the customer. Video tutorial series:
How to create and customize a webphone then add it to your website Configuration steps:Step 1:Login to the Ozeki Phone System XE

Step 2:Add a webphone outside line

Step 3:Test and generate HTML

Step 4:Customize your webphone Communication with customers
One of the most important factors of a company's effective work is the troublefree communication with the customers. Customers expect a company to have a customer service available fast and easy, so companies sho…

Peluang Big Data di Service Provider

Blueprint: Big Data Opportunities for Communication Service Providers Sunday, May 17, 20151 comment by Vishwanath Ramachandran, Principal Consultant, Communications Vertical Group – Tech Mahindra

Big Data Analytics was meant to be the panacea to attain the next big leap for growth, innovation, new streams of revenue and productivity. Many businesses are storing data that could form the basis for strategic decisions and planning. However, organizations are astonished to see the enormity of the large amount of both structured and unstructured data from across the entire organization. This data can be arranged in so many different ways, combined, compared and examined to find patterns and organized into meaningful information.

Capitalizing on the opportunities presented by Big Data entails the co-ordination of a number of cultural, organizational and technological facets. Synchronizing, harmonizing and harnessing these elements in support of busin…