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Monitoring Data Center terdistribusi dengan PRTG

Introduction White Paper
Remote Probes
Companies with multiple locations rely on a highly effcient IT infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of IT processes and reliable communication both internally (across company locations), as well as externally (with partners and customers). Ongoing monitoring is vital for multiple-location companies, as it enables them to keep a constant and close eye on the availability and bandwidth usage of locally distributed networks. This provides important information about the state of the networks and alerts IT staff when devices in the network are going to reach critical levels. This White Paper shows how network monitoring can be extended to additional locations, using PRTG Network Monitor and its use of remote probes as an example. The Probe Principle for Versatile Applications PRTG Network Monitor provides network monitoring out-of-the-box. The first monitoring results are available immediately after installation and auto-discovery. Neither addi…

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