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4 Tahapan untuk automasasi perusahaan Anda.

For as long as companies have been doing business, leaders in those organizations have looked for new and better ways to streamline workflow. Transactions are the lifeblood of a company, and in today's customer-centric business environment, that lifeblood inevitably flows through the agent or employee desktop. Advances in desktop and robotic automation are enabling companies of all sizes to offer services in ways not even considered a few years ago. By optimizing how transactions take place across different areas of an organization, companies can transform how people, processes, and technology work together to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, drive employee engagement, and deliver a world-class customer experience.  Overcoming Typical Challenges Enterprise transformation is the gradual evolution of how a company communicates and shares data internally. It is made up of many logical, incremental changes that improve business processes based around a business's needs …

Penting nya kemudahan gunakan NMS

The Network Operation Center (NOC) interacts with the Network through the User Interface of various Network Management Systems (NMS). Thus, the importance of theUser Interface cannot be underestimated as it can simplify the daily work of NOC operators and help minimize costs by allowing faster network roll-out, identification and restoration of network and service issues.This article identifies and analyzes the characteristics that make a User Interface provide a better user experience to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the NOC.Read below to understand the importance of these User Interface characteristics, to help you select the best NMS for your needs.Drag n' DropA Network Management System (NMS) must feature a drag 'n drop user interface, where the user can re-arrange the network model with simple actions, using the network tree view or map topology view. With simple drag n' drop actions, the user must be able to:Add managed devices to domains and sub-net…

5 Hal penting perbedaan Online Data Storage dan Online Backup

5 Important Differences between Online Data Storage and Online Backupby Hadley JonesApr 29, 2015
Flickr RELATED STORIESHighly Reliable Systems Launches Cloud Backup Storage ApplianceNearline Storage by Google Cheaply Stores Infrequently Used DataSymantec Protects Data in the Cloud using Data Loss Protection Think your files are all safely tucked away online because you’re using online data storage? Think again. Or perhaps you’re laboring under the misimpression that your online backup solution will let you undo mistakes and recover previous file versions – when what it’s really doing is overwriting all of yesterday’s versions with today’s. To avoid disappointment, here’s our handy guide to which does what. Continual Data Transfer. Imagine you’re working away on your PC (or mobile computing device). You have painstakingly and lovingly created a large file, and you are putting the finishing touches to it when your PC hard disk crashes (or your tablet falls down a sewer).
Online data storage

Penerapan Vigor2925 untuk online perusahaan Anda.

Vigor2925 Series is the IPv6 ready dual WAN broadband security firewall router. It ensures the business continuity for today and the future IPv6 network. Its two gigabit Ethernet WAN port can accept various high-speed Ethernet-based WAN links via FTTx/xDSL/Cable. The 2 USB ports are for 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband access. With the multi-WAN accesses, Vigor2925 routers support bandwidth management functions such as failover and load-balancing, making them ideal solutions for reliable and flexible broadband connectivity for the small business office.  The specifications cover many functions that are required by modern day businesses, including secure but easy to apply firewall, comprehensive VPN capability, Gigabit LAN ports, USB ports for 3G/4G mobile dongles, FTP servers and network printers, VLAN for flexible workgroup management, and much more. Rear panel description

Cloud-based Business Applications Utilization

Draytek Vigor 2925 - powerfull VPN router untuk online perusahaan Anda

Dual Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for failover and load-balancingTwo USB ports for connection to Two 3.5G/4G LTE USB mobiles, FTP server and network printer5 x Gigabit LAN ports with multiple subnetsObject-based SPI Firewall and CSM (Content Security Management) for network securityVLAN for secure and efficient workgroup management50 VPN tunnels with comprehensive secure protocolsVPN load-balancing and backup for site-to-site applicationsIntegrated with high-performance IEEE 802.11n wireless access pointEmbedded Central VPN Management for 8 remote Vigor routersEmbedded Central AP Management for multi-deployed Vigor wireless access points *Working with Smart Monitor Network Traffic Analyzer (50-nodes)Working with VigorACS SI Central Management for multi-site deployment

* The AP Management can work with VigorAP 800, VigorAP 810, and VigorAP 900.