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Kemampuan Analitik ServiceDesk Plus dengan Zoho Reports

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Advanced Analytics Add-on IntroductionThe Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plusenables you to easily analyze your ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) data. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly create insightful reports and dashboards. ITIL/ITSM managers can 'slice and dice' their service desk data the way they want, analyze key service metrics and take informed business decisions to optimize their business operation. General1. What is Zoho Reports?
2. What is the Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics/Reporting add-on for SDP and how does it work?
3. Who can setup/subscribe to this Zoho Reports add-on?
4. What do I get / What is the value add I get, when I subscribe to this add-on?
5. How does the Zoho Reports add-on for SDP work?
6. What are the default reports & dashboards created by Zoho Reports, on setting up this add-on?
7. How secure is Zoho Reports to store my SDP Data?
8. Will sensitive information from S…