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Layout baru di PHPRUNNER

a couple of weeks ago we have sent out a newsletter looking for ways to improve the appearance of applications our Runner software builds. We have received some very insightful and elaborate feedback which is greatly appreciated.

Today we want to show you some examples of new layouts we have been working on. These are just prototypes and not working pages but they can show you where we are headed. Click images below to see the corresponding demo page.

Use theme switcher at the top of each demo page to see how it looks with different settings.

This is work in progress and far from being completed. We'll announce release date as soon as we have it.  1. List page 2. Simple Edit page


STRES menjadi hal akrab dalam kehidupan kita. Mungkin bisa dari pasangan kita, anak, orangtua, mertua, pekerjaan hingga pelayanan.Beragam cara juga dilakukan orang untuk menangani stres ini. Mulai dari curhat, curhat kepada pasangan, orang terdekat hingga ke sosial media. Ada lagi yang melarikan diri, dengan berbagai kesibukan, berbagai kegiatan, pekerjaan, hingga larut malam dan akhirnya kelelahan tidur. Ada yang menghabiskan waktu dengan termenung, merokok bahkan minum minuman keras. Semua dengan satu tujuan, menghilangkan tekanan atau stres yang dirasakannyaYang menarik, tidak semua orang memikirkan cara untuk menghilangkan tekanan dengan termenung dahulu mengambil waktu berdiskusi dengan Tuhan. Meskipun Dia tak kelihatan mata, tapi kehadiranNya ada di setiap saat kita, bahkan waktu kita tertekan sekalipun. Berdiskusi dengan Tuhan ini menjadi hal yang menarik dan bisa membosankan. Menarik karena sebenarnya kita tahu, bahwa Dia maha tahu dan mungkin tahu juga cara agar kita mengatas…

Fitur baru di PHPRUNNER, MAP dan heat map

New mapping features BY ADMIN, ON SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2015 If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! The latest version of Runner family products comes with several improvements in mapping area like support of Bing and OpenStreet maps, maps in dashboards, custom map markers etc. In this article I want to show a couple more mapping features that you can use in your apps, heat maps and clustered maps. Live demo Both those features can help you visualize large amounts of mapping data. It gives your users a better insight on your data. For instance, those maps tell you that if you are a taxi driver in NYC, your chances to pickup a passenger are higher if you are nearby Trump Tower.  There are some limitations that you need to bear in mind: This functionality only works with Google mapsThis functionality only works with lat/lon pairs as opposed to addressesThis will only work with map added to the List page via 'Insert map' function (won'…