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SSL Security Check Sensor , monitoring SSL anda dengan PRTG

Keep Your Network on the Safe Side! Hey there, After Heartbleed and POODLEsecurity is probably at the top of your agenda. With PRTG Network Monitor you can check SSL connectivity to your devices' ports using the SSL Security Check sensor (beta). The SSL Security Check sensor tries connecting to the specified TCP/IP port with various versions of SSL/TLSand shows whether a particular protocol is supported or not. You will want strong protocols here! This sensor will show you immediately whether a secure connection is possible. Sensor down: No secure protocol is availableWarning status: Only weakly secure SSL 2.0 and 3.0 protocols are availableSensor up: Protocols ensuring strong security for your connections are available (TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2)
This way you gain an overview of the security degree and encryption types that are supported for the connections you plan to establish. Now go and get your network on the safe side!

10 Menit mengenal Nagios XI


Mengintegrasikan Nagios XI dengan AKCP SensorProbe

Integrate AKCP sensorProbe devices with Nagios® XI™ 5 to be alerted when temperature, humidity, or other environmental variables exceed specific thresholds. In this example, we’ll demonstrate how to monitor AKCP Dual Temperature and Humidity Sensors connected to the AKCP sensorProbe platform. All of AKCP’s Intelligent Sensors connect using plug and play RJ45 connectors and can be monitored from Nagios using similar steps. For more information on other sensors please contact our support team. Prerequisites for monitoring a sensorProbe device via SNMP Traps in Nagios XI 5 It is possible to monitor the AKCP sensorProbe actively OR passively within Nagios XI 5. This integration guide assumes that you have already set up your Nagios XI 5 system to receive SNMP traps. If you have not already configured Nagios to receive SNMP traps use the following guides provided by Nagios. Integrating SNMP Traps with Nagios XI  Step 1 : Download the AKCP MIB for use within Nagios XI Monitoring a temperatu…

Lockheed Martin menggunakan AKCP

When Lockheed Martin needed an advanced environmental monitoring solution for their fuel monitoring they relied on AKCP. A crucial aspect of the integration process was proper communication with their current WhatsUp Gold monitoring system. AKCP allows you to upload our MIB file, which has all of our OID’s for the sensors, into the WhatsUp Gold software. “We chose your product after doing a trade study to replace our current fuel monitor.” said Lockheed Martin in regards to their choice of AKCP solutions. “We wanted the chosen product to integrate with a BACNet system or SNMP for WhatsUp Gold for monitoring capability. The BACNet approach was more complex and costly and our engineers prefer to use SNMP capable solutions when possible.” Initially they installed the SPAGENT-MIB in WhatsUp Gold and created the device for the securityProbe 5ES. They were able to ping and scan the device, however they could not use MIB walker to walk the device. They immediately contacted AKCP to take adv…