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Menggunakan Ticketing System dalam PRTG

PRTG: Ticket System Keeps Track of Network Monitoring Issues Another new feature for PRTG Network Monitor has arrived! Monitoring your IT infrastructure and taking care of potential issues is even more comprehensible now: The new ticket system lets you and your colleagues from the administration team keep track of all network related issues which PRTG detects. You can use it to document related resolution steps and important system information. Basically, the ticket system as implemented in PRTG manages and maintains lists of current issues regarding a defined application scenario. One element in this system is a ticket which reports about a particular problem, the status of it, information about the steps which were conducted to resolve it, and the involved person(s) who took care of the issue. You might be familiar with such systems from working with them in your support center or utilizing them as a bug tracking system. Such a ticket system perfectly suits network monitoring: You …

Mengirimkan alert SMS di PRTG

Sending Out PRTG SMS Notifications Using a GSM Modem and the MWconn Freeware Tool 8 Easy Steps to Go In some monitoring scenarios users want a notifications system that can alert independently from an existing IP (and internet) connection. We have already introduced several means to do so, but with MWconn it gets really simple. PRTG already comes with IP-based SMS functionality which enables you to trigger and send out text messages to your mobile whenever there are alarms in your monitoring. IP-independent SMS dispatch can be achieved, for example, with a GSM modem connected to the machine running the PRTG core server in combination with some third party command line client which can send out SMS text messages via the connected modem. There are several suitable tools available. Our partner ProComp gave us a valuable hint to a solution that even works with free software only. In this article we will describe a sample setup using the well known Freeware tool MWconn. We have set up a t…