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What is FileAudit Plus:
ManageEngine FileAudit Plus is an agent-based file auditing and reporting
software. Monitor in real-time the changes to all files in the file system along
with thorough reports on every activity as to 'who' did 'what', 'when' and 'from
where'. Keep track of changes made to the files, file objects in the folders or
sub-folders and shares. Watch out for any changes made to a particular type
of file (for e.g. *.log) or choose to exclude servers and file types..
What FileAudit Plus can do? File / Folder ChangesFiles / Folders ReadFiles / Folders Permission ChangesFiles / Folders Owner ChangesFiles / Folders SACL ChangesFiles / Folders Access DeniedPricing:
FileAudit Plus offers convenient pricing for enterprises of all sizes. The licensing
is based on number of File Servers
Annual Subscription Fee For 2 File Servers         $395 Annual Subscription Fee For 5 File Servers         $795 Annual Subscription Fee For 10 File Server…