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Prediksi IT Security 2016

25 CISOs Identify the Biggest Security Challenges as They Enter 2016
December 20, 2015 As the year winds to a close, CISOs across industries assess the past year and plan for the security challenges they will face as they head into 2016. Security Current heard from several key CISOs about what they think will be the most important issues in cybersecurity in 2016.
Read their insights here: Joe Adornetto
Quest Diagnostics CISO
In 2015, three of the five largest data breaches were in healthcare. This latest evolution in the threat landscape places our industry in the crosshairs and as a healthcare provider we need to be prepared for an incident.  The ability to detect and manage an incident becomes a fundamental process as we focus on cybersecurity, particularly in areas of APT detection, communications, remedy & response, and threat intelligence.
Roota Almeida
Delta Dental of New Jersey Head of Information Security
The health care industry will continue to be a prime target for cyber …