Perkuat IT policy anda dengan Password Manager Pro

Manageengine Password Manager Pro Enterprise IT Management Software
An automated solution to enforce IT policy on standard password practices
An automated solution to enforce IT policy on standard password practices
Growing instances of information security incidents have forced IT enterprises to put an effective IT policy in place. All such policies stress three essentials, among the numerous guidelines:
  • Usage of unique, strong passwords across all IT resources
  • Rotating the passwords at periodic intervals
  • Role-based access controls for IT resources
Enforcing the IT policy with respect to the privileged passwords turns out to be a daunting task to carry out manually. For instance, entering a new password that satisfies the strong password policy — numerals, mixed case, special characters, minimum length and so on — would be a nightmare.
Similarly, when there are too many IT resources, administrators often find it easier to assign a non-unique, same password to all the resources. Or they would prefer to recycle previously used passwords.
Above all, periodically changing the passwords on numerous resources would literally consume man-days! And to make things worse, if there is no proper password management practice in place, enforcing the above policies might result in system lockout issues and utter chaos.
By using a password management solution, you can automate the entire process of enforcing the IT policy with ease.
Password Manager Pro helps enforce the policy in more ways than one
Once you define the password policy, Password Manager Pro automatically generates unique, strong passwords and deploys them across remote resources. It also automatically synchronizes the passwords at periodic intervals. It generates policy compliance reports prominently showing the violations.
In enterprises, different categories of administrators will just require access to the resources pertaining to their job roles alone - for instance, network administrators should be able to access only the network devices and not Windows servers. The password ownership and sharing design of Password Manager Pro precisely helps achieve this.

Password Manager Pro strengthens IT security through the usage of stronger and dynamic passwords.