Sudahkah anda melakukan Backup dan Recovery Active Directory ?

Active Directory Backup and Recovery

Active Directory is a crucial part of any organization, regardless of its size. Downtime due to accidental deletion or modification of AD data causes businesses to lose not just revenue but the trust of their customers, too. The truth is that such downtime is not uncommon. The severity of the disaster depends on the volume and the type of data deleted or modified. To reduce the downtime due to accidental deletion of AD objects, you need to swiftly restore the modified or deleted data.
The native Active Directory Backup and Recovery utility from AD fails to deliver rapid restorations due to its clunky user interface and lack of control over attribute-level changes. This emphasizes the need for an AD backup and restoration tool that is user friendly and able to restore all AD objects, including users, computers, groups, containers, OUs, DNS data, and GPOs.
RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory backup and restoration solution that enables you to back up all your AD data and recover deleted objects. Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to restore only specific type of objects or just specific attributes of desired objects.

What Can RecoveryManager Plus Do?

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can backup and restore critical AD data such as:
  • Users - Backup and restore user objects either partially or completely. Individual attribute value changes made to user objects can be individually tracked and restored. Also, rollback users to a specific point of time in the past and discard all changes after that point. Read more »
  • Groups - Backup both security and distribution groups, and restore or rollback to a previous backed-up state. Read more »
  • GPOs: Backup and restore all group policy objects in your domain. Track each change made to GPOs and undo individual undesirable changes made to them. Read more »
  • OU - Backup OUs and restore deleted OUs in a single click. Restore complete OU tree when restoring a deleted OU. Read more »
  • Group Memberships - When a deleted user account is restored to the domain, the user's group membership information will also be completely restored. In turn, the user will again be made a member of all security and distribution groups of which the user was a member. Read more »
  • Exchange Attributes: Track and analyze each change made to mailbox users, distribution groups, mail users and mail contacts. You can also perform scheduled and incremental backups of Exchange-related attributes. Restore deleted Exchange objects or rollback attribute level changes, either partially or completely. Read more »
  • DNS: Backup DNS zones and DNS nodes from your Active Directory. Using this feature, easily track your domain's DNS configuration changes and back them up for easy restoration in case of disaster. Read more »
  • Additionally, backup and restore other AD objects like computerscontacts, builtin domains and more in addition to the above-mentioned objects.

Key Features of RecoveryManager Plus:

  • Attribute-Level Restoration: Restore only specific modified attributes of AD objects instead of restoring the objects completely.
  • Rollback: Restore AD to a previous backup point and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time.
  • AD Recycle Bin: Restore deleted AD objects and their attributes - and their parent containers - in a single click.
  • Change Management - Track all changes made to user objects and rollback any change made to individual objects, containers, or domains.
  • Version Management - Maintain each backup of an object as a separate version and restore an object to the preferred version.