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10 Ide Optimalisasi Biaya versi Gartner

Dalam kondisi ekonomi yang belum pulih, diperlukan strategi khusus untuk berhemat (bahasa kerennya "Optimalisasi Biaya"). Berikut Gartner memberikan pandangannya:

Top 10 IT Cost Optimization Ideas Develop a plan before a crisis hits and budgets are suddenly cut. April 12, 2016 Contributor:  in

Best Practices In Data Center Space Planning

The increased focus on efficiency within the IT world brings with it higher demands for thoughtful, well-planned spaces to house IT equipment with consideration given to future needs. As a result, focusing on current typologies can sometimes fall short of future requirements. Efficiency can be realized in a number of ways that affect planning and growth considerations. Most organizations try to predict their future growth needs but are not always able to see changes in the industry which may affect them down the road. Some of the most important factors to be considered in data center planning are: Consistent footprints across platformsUtilization/consolidation/virtualization of IT systemsNetwork, power, and cooling typologies and planningFuture considerations (growth or collapse implications) This article examines these facets of data center space planning looking at various options available today in these areas and also positive and negative attributes to consider when looking at va…

Data Center Cooling Metrics

Modern data centers continue to evolve at a rapid pace. While methodologies and techniques for cooling continue to advance, some of the basic lessons that have proven themselves over time continue to be underutilized. New technology and techniques can often be helpful, but without employing fundamental airflow management metrics the full benefits of advanced cooling methods cannot be realized. Fundamental data center metrics have been the basis of many publications and presentations since the industry’s founding, but emphasis on the fundamentals has dropped off over the last several years because advances in cooling methods such as containment, free cooling, and evaporative cooling have held the spot light. However, applying the fundamentals is crucial to getting the best results, regardless of having a legacy cooling configuration or the latest advanced free cooling methodology. Therefore, experts in the field have placed a renewed focus on fundamentals and have recently broached th…

The Value Of Data Center Monitoring

If you are considering adding network monitoring to your IT system, or currently have a system in place, you may be asked to define its value from time to time. When looking at determining the value of network monitoring for enterprise networks and data centers, one needs to consider several factors with upfront and ongoing cost of the software and its value over time, being two major concerns. The natural first response may be “Let’s look at the data.” However, there are many soft factors to consider, and these are more subjective and difficult to quantify. So, while data is helpful, there’s no simple way to quantify the return on investment (ROI) for network monitoring. Take things a step further and look at other benefits to give you a broader, more complete picture. Determining the value and ROI of network monitoring is a challenge, but there is tremendous value in going through the exercise. Naturally, the “hard costs” are easier to identify than the soft ones. These can include…