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UVexplorer: Layer 2 Discovery for PRTG

UVexplorer: Layer 2 Discovery for PRTG You use PRTG Network Monitor to know everything that's going on in your network? Using the PRTG Map Designer you also create individual dashboards to visualize certain aspects of your IT infrastructure? Now you can even automatically generate layer 2 maps that show the physical connections between the devices on your network. How? UVnetworks has expanded their network mapping solution UVexplorer to easily integrate with PRTG via the PRTG API. This allows you to benefit from their automated map layout functionality directly in your PRTG installation. Easily integrate layer 2 network maps with PRTG What Features Does UVexplorer for PRTG Offer? You can automatically discover, map, and collect inventory details for all the IP devices on your network. Furthermore UVexplorer for PRTG offers dedicated features that enhance your monitoring experience: Enhanced Discovery of Network Devices and Connectivity: Run fast, detailed, and accurate network disc…