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Selamat HUT ke-71 Kemerdekaan RI, Sayangnya SDM dan Industri TIK Kita Belum Merdeka

Selamat HUT ke-71 Kemerdekaan RI, Sayangnya SDM dan Industri TIK Kita Belum Merdeka
Komite Penyelarasan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (KPTIK) menilai bahwa kesiapan sumber daya manusia (SDM) untuk mencapai target ekonomi digital masih menjadi kendala besar. Indonesia masih sangat kekurangan SDM yang kompeten untuk mengelola industri TIK. KPTIK menyoroti dua masalah atau isu utama pada dunia TIK di Indonesia. Pertama definisi TIK yang masih carut-marut. Kedua kesiapan SDM untuk menyambut gegap gempitanya pesta-pora dalam industri TIK itu sendiri.
"Banyak definisi salah kaprah soal e-warung, smart city, digital business, dan lain-lain. Semua orang bisa membuat definisi sendiri, padahal belum tentu definisi itu benar. Anehnya tidak ada yang mau teriak soal definisi-definisi ini," ujar Ir Dedi Yudiant, praktisi TIK yang kini menjabat Ketua Komite Penyelarasan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (KPTIK), Kamis (18/8/2016).
Pada saat berkunjung ke Amerika Serikat bulan Februa…

Perhitungan ROI untuk Monitoring System PRTG

Introduction ROI is the magic abbreviation for any manager: „Return on Investment“ is intended to provide a simple calculation that determines the period during which an acquisition is amortized. Of course, when evaluating monitoring software, it would be interesting to know how long it would take until the purchase price of the software is regained by the various benefits of the software. However, so many incalculable factors come in to play that a precise ROI is impossible to calculate. It still doesn’t hurt to take as many numbers as possible into account when evaluating a monitoring solution, and to consider these for the decision. The Impossibility of Quantification The cost side of introducing of a monitoring solution can be put into numbers rather easily and reliably: license and hardware costs, implementation investment and service costs can usually be calculated precisely. The difficulty lies in quantifying the benefits of a monitoring solution. After all, monitoring does no…

Apakah kita memiliki cukup bandwidth untuk pekerjaan kita ?

Do You Have Enough Bandwidth Available for all Your Tasks? "Some applications on my computer are unacceptably slow!" Have you ever heard this from your colleagues? Maybe one of the first issues you think about as a system administrator is a bandwidth bottleneck, because limited performance of applications on the network may indicate a lack of available bandwidth. This results in delayed data packets being delivered to their destination and can lead to slow and unresponsive applications in your network. It can be pretty annoying when you're trying to do a great job and your system is hardly reacting! Of course, there can be other reasons for poor performance of applications, for example, overloaded CPU or memory. With PRTG Network Monitor you will find out the causes immediately—in fact proactively, before anyone notices the issue. Likewise, you are able to have a close look at the bandwidth usage in your IT infrastructure. PRTG detects network congestion and helps you i…

How to Grow and Stay Agile

How to Grow and Stay Agile –
Part 1: Top 6 Business Decisions An Inside View of 15 Years I have been founder and CEO of this company for almost 20 years. It started as a one person part-time shareware business, and today we are 160 people with 10 offices around the globe, serving 150,000 users every day. With this blog article series, I want to share with you some of the better business and software development decisions we have made in the past 15 years. I could tell you that everything went exactly as planned, but really it was an iterative process. We just did everything we could to grow the business—and then it did...
The reasons for our success are a combination of luck, good timing, grit, stamina, expertise, and a few important decisions along the way. When I look back, it was these decisions that shaped who we are today. This article series is not about the roads not taken, but about decisions that didn't seem very important at the time and which had a big impact on our bus…