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A functional, high-performance IT infrastructure is a must for public institutions. Public authorities and municipalities are faced with specific challenges: in many cases, different locations need to be integrated into a central IT infrastructure. Internet portals provide citizens with services outside of business hours. This mitigates peak hours and relieves the staff, but also requires maximum IT availability - around the clock. And the data is often highly sensitive, requiring maximum security.
Find out how monitoring secures and optimizes a public institution's IT infrastructure
In order to meet the diverse requirements, comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring is mandatory for the administrator in the public service. When choosing the right solution, there are some aspects to consider:
  • Monitoring distributed sites
  • Support of common standards
  • Monitoring of security systems
  • Web site monitoring
These are just some of the most important points. For more details, please read our Industry Insights Government.
Read our Industry Insights Government to learn how you, as an IT officer in the public sector, can ensure that your IT functions reliably and securely.