Perkembangan Cloud Computing di Indonesia 2014

The Growth of Cloud Computing in Indonesia

Indonesia has a huge potential market for cloud computing. Cloud computing market is still at its nascent stage in the country. It is quickly gaining popularity among Indonesian firms. A report by Springboard Research, a leading online research community, found that around 50% of corporations surveyed in 2011 were using or actively planning cloud initiative.

cloud growth

Cloud computing trend is definitely on the rise in Indonesia. During the past five years cloud has grown at an compounded annual rate of 48% – much greater than the global annual growth rate of cloud computing.

Local companies are quickly embracing cloud technology to cut their cost of operations. The Indonesian government is in the forefront in development of cloud data centers and virtualization technology in the country. They aim to deploy consolidated, distributed data infrastructure with strong disaster recovery capabilities.

Previously, companies hosted all the data in their data centre. However, operating the data centers incurred huge costs. Private data centers required annual maintenance, software updates, and large amount of power to maintain the enterprise data center. By migrating to the cloud firms are able to save the costs associated with operating private data centers.

In terms of segments, the manufacturing sector has contributed the most to the cloud market. Various SMBs and large business concerns operating in the country have also adopted cloud computing to cut their operational costs.

Sensing the rising demand of cloud technology among organizations in Indonesia, a number of local and foreign IT companies has started offering cloud computing solutions to business concerns in the country.

Microsoft is a major player in cloud computing in Indonesia. Most Indonesian companies are powered by cloud computing solutions provided by Microsoft. According to Microsoft Indonesia, the company has also collaborated with around 20 schools in the country for greater access to education through the cloud. Moreover, it has also supported Surabaya-based Airlangga University in Indonesia to transform its administrative portal into a learning management system that would benefit 30,000 students and 1,000 faculty members.

Amazon Web Services is another foreign IT company that is making the wave in cloud computing in Indonesia. The company provides a collection of remote computing services including scalable virtual private servers, database management programs, remote storage and various other cloud storage solutions.

PT Cyberindo Mega Persada (CBNCloud) is a pioneer in providing cloud computing solutions in Indonesia. The innovative cloud solutions offered by the company meets the needs of different types and sizes of business concerns. The company offers several cloud services including Computing as a Service (CAS), Software as a Service (SAS), and Cloud Managed Service (CMS).

Joyent Cloud, an IT company based in San Francisco, has partnered with a Malaysian firm, Anise Asia, to provide cloud computing solutions to business concern in Indonesia. The company is a pioneer in cloud computing and their services are utilized by several major firms including LinkedIn.

Companies such as AGIT, Oracle and VMWare are also offering cloud computing consulting and development in Indonesia. These foreign companies compete with a number of local IT firms in grabbing cloud computing market share in Indonesia.

Telkom Cloud, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, is one of the largest ICT companies in Asian region that offers cloud-computing solutions to government and the businesses.

Infinys System Indonesia is another local IT company that provides similar cloud computing solutions to Telkom Cloud. The company offers cloud communication, cloud collaboration, cloud storage solutions to business concerns operating in the country.

Indonesian IT firms are also offering advance courses related to cloud computing. Purwadhika Nusantara, a large local IT firm, has opened up a campus in Indonesia providing cloud computing programs.

Indonesian Cloud Forum (ICF) is another IT firm that offers educational programs related to cloud computing. These programs provide the required knowledge about cloud computing that entrepreneurs can use to set up a cloud computing business in the country.