PRTG: How to Import VMware vSphere 6.5 MIBs Using MIB Importer and Converter

PRTG: How to Import VMware vSphere 6.5 MIBs Using MIB Importer and Converter

Regards, friends, in future entries on PRTG and VMware we will need additional libraries to monitor our VMware Infrastructures, so I use this input to explain how to import .mib files from VMware vSphere 6.5, although the process is similar for any other MIBs of others manufacturers.

Free download Paessler MIB Importer and Converter

The first thing we will have to do is download from the official PRTG website the tool:
I have decided to install the tool directly on the PRTG server, to save a few steps and make everything easier. Installation is a lifelong next-following:
We will select the path where we want to install the software:
We will leave the default options:
And the installation process takes a few seconds.

Download the new VMware vSphere 6.5 MIB

VMware puts at our disposal and for free all the MIB libraries we will need to monitor a VMware environment, we can download the .zip file from here:

Importing our VMware MIBs

Once we have the vSphere 6.5 MIB file and the installed tool, we will run the new icon on our desktop:
We will select File - Import MIB file
We could select all the files and save all of them in a single section, but we will surely have some errors:
Here are some errors, we can click on Cancel Import:
The import log will give us more information about properly imported OIDs from each MIB file, all those OIDs can be used later.
The last step is to click Save for PRTG Network Monitor to include these files in our PRTG.
The program already directly selects us the folder where we have the other oidlib, we will give a descriptive name:
My recommendation is to perform this process for each VMware MIB we want to use, one by one:
Log of the MIB file:
Another example of importing a single file:
We will have to restart the PRTG service to read the new oidlib files, from our PRTG console:

Creating a Custom Sensor Using Our New MIBs

Now that we have our new MIBs, we can create a custom sensor, using our SNMP libraries.
This will show us all the custom MIB libraries we can use:
This is all friends, in future entries we will see how to take advantage of this and monitor VMware.

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