Five 'E' for your career

The 5  "E" words that you  need for your career

A young manager in his early 30s asked me what it takes to be successful in our career?

I am in HR roles for more than 20'years (including roles with Global and Asia Pacific coverage in different companies) and I observe certain characteristics from successfull executives in different countries.

This is what I observe from them...


They show up every moning full of energy and spread the positive aura to others.

Emotional Ifntellitence

They manage and control their emotion very well in their role as team player, leader and influencer.


They always upgrade their knowledge and competences. They read and learn from others, everyday!

0. Execution

They deliver what they promised, beyond the slides that theh presented. The key words are excellence in execution

0. Empowering others

In their role as leader, they are not busy anymore doing his work. They empower others. Now they are busy coaching and developing others.

Warm Regards,

Pambudi Sunarsihanto

Fanky Christian
mobile: 08121057533