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NAGIOS XI 5.4.0 NOW AVAILABLEThis release of Nagios XI includes the latest versions of Nagios Core and ndo2db. We recommend all Nagios XI users upgrade to this version as the latest version of Nagios Core (included) fixes three root privilege escalation vulnerabilities. If not upgraded these vulnerabilities could leave the Nagios XI server vulnerable to attack.

Additionally, several cross-site scripting vulnerabilities were fixed along with about a dozen non-security related bug fixes. Finally, enhancements were made in the included version of Nagios Core and ndo2db that significantly improve memory utilization along with increasing performance, specifically on installations monitoring a large number of hosts and services.Download Now

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Data Center di abad 21

The 21st Century Data Center: An overview Data centers range from on-premise facilities running traditional enterprise applications to massive outsourced installations offering a variety of cloud services. We examine the state of play in data center-land, and consider some of the trends that will shape its future. By  | April 2, 2013 -- 12:32 GMT (20:32 GMT+08:00) | Topic: The 21st Century Data Center

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