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Version 9.7 of PHPRunner, ASPRunnerPro and ASPRunner.NET

Beta version of PHPRunner 9.7, ASPRunnerPro 9.7 and ASPRunner.NET 9.7 is here. Downloads links: PHPRunner 9.7 ASPRunner.NET 9.7 ASPRunnerPro 9.7 Here is the list of new features in this update. 1. Improved password hashing Option to use industry standard bcrypt hashing algorithm. Send password reset link to user's email, link expires in 24 hours.
2. Code snippets in dashboards You can insert any sort of code snippet as dashboard element. This can be some code that displays current weather, calculates order totals, displays number of active users or even displays a Youtube video. See this live demo for inspiration. 3. 'Sort by' dropdown control When this option is useful: Vertical or columns List page mode that previously didn't have sorting options'Sort by' control in mobile modeNeed to setup application specific sort modes You can also choose if users still can sort data by clicking on column headers. Here is how it looks in generated application. 4. Grid row/fie…