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Monitoring NetAPP Devices with PRTG Network Monitor

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Paessler has developed specific sensors included in PRTG Network Monitor to monitor NetApp devices. One sensor within PRTG is one aspect that you monitor on a device, for example a specific URL, the traffic of a network connection, a port of a switch or the CPU load on a machine. PRTG Network Monitor includes more than 200 sensor types for all common network services. Paessler has developed specific sensors for NetApp devices included in PRTG Network Monitor:
- NetApp cDOT Aggregate (SOAP) Sensor
- NetApp cDOT I/O (SOAP) Sensor
- NetApp cDOT Physical Disk (SOAP) Sensor
- NetApp cDOT System Health (SOAP) Sensor
- SNMP NetApp Disk Free Sensor
- SNMP NetApp Enclosure Sensor
- SNMP NetApp I/O Sensor
- SNMP NetApp License Sensor
- SNMP NetApp Logical Unit Sensor
- SNMP NetApp Network Interface Sensor
- SNMP NetApp System Health Sensor For example, the NetApp cDOT I/O (SOAP) sensor monitors input and output operations of a NetApp clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) storage system accessing the…

How network monitoring can make hospitals smarter

Hospitals often underestimate the importance of their underlying network and infrastructure when deploying connected health devices and services, according to Andrew Timms, APAC region sales director for infrastructure monitoring provider, Paessler AG. “A lot of hospitals are placing a lot of focus on smart systems, but they’re not paying any attention to monitoring their networks, because for them, network monitoring is a new concept,” he told IoT Hub. “Hospital administrators are only gaining an awareness of the monitoring systems that are required underneath their connected infrastructure, to ensure that these systems are running smoothly.” Timms said that network monitoring is arguably more important within a hospital environment than within an enterprise for one simple reason. “We’re not talking about losing money if systems aren’t working; we’re talking about potentially losing lives,” he explained. “If a patient’s records are required because they’ve just been admitted, we can…

How to manage the smart city jigsaw

There are cities that are deploying connected technologies in isolated areas such as waste management or street lighting, but according to one senior industry executive, a truly smart city brings these component parts together, with data and insights being shared across all departments. “There are a lot of systems out there, a lot of sensors, and a lot of equipment that’s capable of providing the information to be used in a smart city program,” said Andrew Timms, Paessler AG sales director for the APAC region.  “However, they’re not currently being utilised because that information is not currently being connected. They haven’t connected the pieces together, and they’re not pulling all the information from those devices. “Something like a CCTV camera might have certain information that comes from it that is being stored on a central system, but there’s a lot more information that a system like PRTG could obtain from the device by connecting to it.” PRTG is Paessler AG’s infrastructur…

Komponen Smart City di Indonesia

Smart City Elements SMART GOVERNMENT & EDUCATION  E – Government SystemE – Controlling E- PerformanceE – Education Disaster Management SolutionSMART BUILDING Smart Building Management SystemAdvance HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air  Conditioning)Access Control Integrated SystemICT Based Solution BuildingGreen BuildingSMART MOBILITY Intelligent Transport SystemAdvance Traffic ManagementFleet Management SystemPassenger Information SystemElectronic Road PricingE-payment on E-money platformSMART TECHNOLOGY 4G LTE ConnectivityWifi & Super BroadbandAugmented RealityLBS & GPSCloud Computing & Data ServiceSMART HEALTHCARE E-HealthM-HealthMedical EquipmentHospital EquipmentInsurance CompanySMART INFRASTRUCTURE Integrated Sensors ManagementInfrastructure DevelopersSmart Green Open SpaceSMART DEVELOPMENT PLANNING Smart City Project PlannerCity DevelopmentInfrastructure DevelopmentSMART ENERGY Resource Development (Water & Waste, Electricity & Gas)Renewable IntegrationSmart Grid…

Implementasi Smart City di Indonesia didukung ASISINDO dan APTIKNAS

Implementasi Smart City di Indonesia tergolong unik. Berbagai pendekatan dilakukan untuk mengimplementasikan konsep SMART CITY INDONESIA.

Seberapa besar peluang bisnis Smart City , bisa dilihat dibawah ini

Apa saja ragam implementasi smart city di kota-kota Indonesia ?

Ayo tunggu apa lagi ?
Segera ikuti perkembangan implementasi dan solusi terkait Smart City di Indonesia, dengan bergabung ke ASOSIASI SISTEM INTEGRATOR DAN SEKURITI INDONESIA (ASISINDO) dan ASOSIASI PENGUSAHA TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI DAN KOMUNIKASI NASIONAL (APTIKNAS) yang akan fokus ke smart city.

Draytek Vigor 2912Fn - solusi fiber router Anda

Dual WANThe Vigor2912Fn designed for the small office applications helps your businesses achieve the goals of business growth, innovation and responsiveness. This ideal VPN/firewall router replaces the simple Wi-Fi router offered by ISPs. The dual WAN load-balance and redundancy ensures your office to stay connected. The network security is realized by robust firewall and Web Content Filtering. All your subscribed bandwidth can be smoothly allocated to the essential applications (e.g. VoIP) by the advanced QoS. The VPN tunnels cover the needs of the inter-office / remote access via multiple protocols. The secure Wi-Fi network enables the office environment ready for the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to enhance the productivity. At last but not least, the Vigor2912Fn supports the IPv6 for the seamless migration. The ideal VPN/firewall routerWAN1 (SFP interface) & WAN2 (Ethernet port)Dual WAN load-balance and redundancy (broadband)USB 2.0 port as WAN 3 (3G/4G USB…

Vigor 2925Fn untuk router Fiber Optic kantor Anda

Vigor 2925Fn * Fiber Router (SFP WAN port)* Supports IPv6 & IPv4 network* Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for failover and load-balancing* 4 x Gigabit LAN ports with multiple subnets* 2 USB 2.0 ports for 3G/4G mobile, FTP server and network printers* Object-based SPI Firewall and CSM (Content Security Management) for network security* VLAN for secure and efficient workgroup management* 50 VPN tunnels with comprehensive secure protocols (25 SSL VPN options)* VPN load-balancing and backup for site-to-site applications* CVM (Central VPN Management)* Supports Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer (50-nodes)* Flexible Network Management OverviewApplications