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The Landscape of Infrastructure Threats and Why Nagios XI is Our Choice for Comprehensive Health Monitoring, Risk Mitigation, and Traffic Analysis

TL; DR: Your infrastructure is under constant risk from external and internal threats coming from every direction. Being proactive to mitigate these dangers is increasingly important, and the cornerstone of an active defense is intelligence. Nagios XI, HostingAdvice’s Developers’ Choice for Comprehensive IT Management, provides robust, instantly actionable intelligence that helps your organization fully understand its current condition through server and network monitoring and real-time data audits. Identifying and defending against all manner of threats and helping you repel and prevent damage and insurgency makes Nagios a powerful ally in the internet war zone. inShare14 The Internet is a war zone. When your network goes online, it’s stepping into the center of a battlefield with threats looming in every corner. Browser attacks are like bullets, flying at your users and servers from all sides, in a dozen different calibers. Compromised-key attacks, man-in-the-middle data interceptio…


WHAT MILLENIALS WANT? Sean adalah seorang CEO sebuah perusahaan start-up di bidang Food and Beverage di Las Vegas. Dia berasal dari New York. Di tengah tengah perjalanan saya ke Los Angeles, saya sempat lunch dan berdiskusi selama 2 jam dengan Sean di sebuah restorant di Santa Monica beach. Seorang teman memperkenalkan Sean ke saya karena Sean ingin lebih mengerti tentang business opportunity di Asia. Dari diskusi menarik tentang budaya akhirnya pembicaraan kami mengarah ke generasi millenial. Dan Sean kebetulan sudah banyak pengalaman untuk merekruit dan meretain generasi millenial.  Hampir semuanya bermimpi menjadi enterpreneur atau mendidikan perusahaan sendiri.  Jadi susah cari orang yang bagus, kalaupun dapet, sebentar kemudian mereka kabur ke perusahaan lain.
Kita tahu bahwa millenial generation ini:
1) Sangat tidak sabar (instant generation), mereka tidak mau menunggu 3 tahun untuk promosi mereka, kenaikan gaji mereka dan recognition dari leadernya 2) Communication style nya beda, lebih …

UKM bisa belajar ini dari perusahaan besar

When it comes to good business strategies, one can learn a lot from the biggest companies out there. These organizations often have large teams that sit down and plan out strategies well in advance, with revision sessions that make sure that every possible has been covered and that the strategy that is being used is the best one for the company. Now, I know what you are thinking. How can small businesses learn, copy, and execute from what Huge organizations are doing? Surely the differences in budgets will prevent that. Well, I argue that that is not the case. Sure, large organizations such as the one’s listed below are well funded and can scale things rather quickly. However, there is a lot that a small business can take away from a large one in terms of strategy, ideas, and even execution– whether it’s a huge non-profit or corporate entity. Large entities indeed have a lot of valuable information to pass onto small businesses – regardless of the lack of resources. Below are three v…

Looking for a tech job? These are the 7 skills you'll need

You'll need a very particular set of skills if you want to get a job at some of the most competitive tech companies out there. Just look at the data compiled by job site Paysa. The site has reviewed tens of millions of résumés, provided by a combination of Paysa's partners, recruiters, and users. Paysa took a closer look at the résumés of people who work at Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to get a sense of what skills those employees had in common. All three companies made Business Insider's list of the best places to work in America. Microsoft employs 120,849 people; Apple's workforce weighs in at over 100,000 people; and Alphabet (Google's parent company) has 61,000 employees. If you want to join any of those workforces, it definitely helps to know what they're looking for. Paysa compiled a list of in-demand skills, in the four fields within tech that employ the most people. Here's what you need to compete for a job with some of the biggest players in tech…

Mengapa monitoring database memerlukan seorang IT Profesional

In many enterprises, database systems are the most important server installations of all. Most sector-specific solutions rely on databases and store information directly in the database, rather than in individual files. As such, opportunities to monitor those databases are highly dependent on the database system that is employed: large database systems, specifically Oracle, offer a variety of internal tools in order to monitor the stability, agility, and security of the database. Microsoft also has an impressive résumé in this category and equips its own SQL servers with a variety of sensors in order to measure all aspects of the system's qualities. Smaller systems, such as SAP's "Advantage Database Server" (previously Sybase) offer significantly less functionality in this regard. The lower level of monitoring features does not, however, indicate that the database is less effective in terms of the performance req…

The Cloud in 2017 and #IoT | @CloudExpo @Cisco #SaaS #PaaS #AI #SDN

Cloud usage continues to gain momentum across all industries. In a recent FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2017 Predictions report, IDC predicted that between 60 percent and 70 percent of all software, services and technology spending will be on the cloud by 2020. With this increase in cloud usage comes a corresponding need for employees with cloud skills. Supply has not kept pace with demand, however. The State of Cloud Readiness Study 2016 found that 53 percent of IT leaders are struggling to acquire the necessary skills to support cloud initiatives within their organizations, while almost half indicate staff training is not a priority. This is a serious problem, but one that hold tremendous upside potential for career advancement and success for network and data center professionals with the right training and certifications. For those weighing a career in IT, cloud skills are in high demand and worth pursuing. Pick your cloud Which of the possible cloud offerings - public, private and…