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Make Sense of Endpoint Malware Protection Technology

Make Sense of Endpoint Malware Protection TechnologyPublished: 25 April 2017 ID: G00320339 Analyst(s):
Summary The goal of endpoint malware protection is a solution that offers low administrative overhead, low end-user impact and the best available protection. Security and risk management leaders can make educated trade-offs within endpoint protection to achieve two of these three aims. Overview Key ChallengesThe marketing hype around "next-gen AV" and the IT industry's fascination with machine learning distracts from and creates confusion about the real value provided by different protection techniques. Unclear perceptions turn up constantly, as many techniques have similar names or umbrella terms like "application control," which can vary wildly in terms of actual capabilities. Blending technologies from multiple vendors risks agent bloat and software conflicts, resulting in disabled protection features and less-than-optimal configurations. Not all mal…

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Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service - 2017

LICENSED FOR DISTRIBUTION Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a ServicePublished: 19 June 2017 ID: G00311593 Analyst(s):SummaryThe disaster-recovery-as-a-service market consists of hundreds of providers, all with different approaches and capabilities. This creates immense complexity around vendor selection. I&O leaders should use this Magic Quadrant to help them evaluate providers of DRaaS services.Market Definition/Description This document was revised on 20 June 2017. The document you are viewing is the corrected version. For more information, see the Correctionspage on defines disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) as a service offering that includes replication of server workloads and recovery of such workloads, as needed, to a cloud with which the provider ultimately has fiscal responsibility. The service may be fully managed or self-service; replication and recovery may be high-touch or automated via software; and the target…