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Mulai GDPR anda dengan manajemen akses password

Begin your GDPR journey with privileged access managementPassword Manager Pro|September 5, 2017|3 min read The core of the GDPR is all about data protection; specifically, securing EU citizens’ personal data. However, the GDPR does not explicitly state how to achieve this level of security. It doesn’t recommend any specific technologies to help organizations maintain compliance, making it tricky for companies to know which technical measures and controls they need. Even though complete GDPR compliance requires a variety of solutions, processes, technical controls, and measures, privileged access management is the critical aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to the GDPR. Privileged access and ensuring data security Most organizations that operate online, process data in some way and store personal data like customer names, email addresses, photographs, work information, conversations, media files, and a lot of other personally identifiable information. This data often goes thr…

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